Living Room Tweaks

Living room at

Until recently, our living room looked like this. And I liked it. I thought it was mostly finished. But then my mom gave me a beautiful leather sofa that was a much better fit for this room size-wise. I liked the darker color of the sofa in the room too; it seemed to ground it. So […]

English Marmalade Jar

Keiller Dundee Marmalade Jar

Most of my antique/vintage/secondhand shopping has been done at estate sales and antique shops. I like the houses I see, the people I meet, and the thrill of the hunt. But recently I began going online to pick up some things that I’m not likely to run across by going to an estate sale or two […]

Weekend Links


Happy Friday! Do you have big weekend plans? Our son is home from college for the weekend so I’ll mostly be hanging around hoping to catch a glimpse of him as he runs from place to place, visiting friends. Here are some things that have caught my eye around the web recently: 8 ideas for […]

An Affair with a House

An Affair with a House by Bunny Williams review

I am in love with houses (as I imagine many of you are), which is why the title of Bunny Williams’ book, An Affair with a House, got my attention. I first checked it out from the library and pored over it, and then went ahead and bought my own copy. I viewed it as an investment; it’s such […]

Secondhand Finds: Thanksgiving Edition

silver gravy boat

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it’s not even close. It’s the simplest of holidays, asking only that you come together and enjoy all that you have to be grateful for. It brings to a close the most glorious season – autumn – at the same time that it kicks off the holiday season ahead. And it’s a quintessentially American […]

Potato Stuffed Bell Peppers

Potato stuffed peppers

I tore this recipe out of a Southern Living magazine years ago. The recipe is a good one (I’ll share it at the bottom of this post), but it’s actually the idea I liked more than the actual recipe, the idea being that you make twice baked potatoes, but stuff the filling into bell pepper […]

Butler’s Tray as Bar Cart

Bar cart styling

You’ve probably noticed that bar carts are all the rage. They’re everywhere. If you’ve missed the memo, head over to Pinterest and do a search to see what I mean. I’ve taken note of the trend and, while I didn’t want to go all in with a new bar cart, I do have this butler’s tray […]

Fall Touches

Apples in colander

Kansas City got an IKEA last month and people lost their minds: camping out for days before the doors opened, parking so far away they had to take a shuttle to the store, and creating a lot of stories for local news to cover. I wasn’t brave enough to show up in those early days, […]

A Fall House Walk Through Oak Park, IL

View from the porch of Ernest Hemingway birthplace in Oak Park IL

One of the things I wanted to do on our recent trip to Chicago was visit Oak Park, a village ten miles west of downtown Chicago that happens to be where the home and studio of architect Frank Lloyd Wright are located. It’s also the birth place of Ernest Hemingway, and the Hemingway home, the Wright […]

Simple Coffee Station

Kitchen coffee station

We had an empty spot on the kitchen counter next to our coffee maker, so in an effort to make things more convenient for the coffee drinkers in the family (everyone but me) and free up some cabinet space at the same time, I put together a quick coffee station in this little alcove. I bought […]