Quotable Friday & Weekend Links: Anna Quindlen Edition

anna quindlen quote

Love this from Anna Quindlen. Here are some other things from around the web I found worth bookmarking: In her informative, entertaining TED Talk, Kelly Corrigan explains why we should read more, and also helps us with what to read: “read personal narrative, read poetry, read op-ed, read Doris Kerns Goodwin, and Louisa May Alcott, and Captain Underpants.” Trying […]

How I’m Doing Home Right Now

Neutral family room

I mentioned that I was simplifying, and a number of you commented that you were too. I get it. There is no easier way to fall in love with your home than by clearing out the things in it that you no longer love (or maybe never did). And because I think about this stuff a lot, here are […]

Quotable Friday and Weekend Links: Judi Dench and Mary Carol Garrity Edition

Mary Carol Garritys new kitchen

How do you feel about bucket lists? I’ve started one a time or two, but it wasn’t fun to me. It felt like making an overwhelming to-do list. I do love what (the fabulous) Judi Dench says here about new opportunities. The quote came from this article about Judi and fellow actor Bill Nighy (you’ll recognize him), which was […]

Can You Name Ten Books That Have Affected You in Some Way?

Antique skirted chair at CreatingThisLife.com

Late last summer there was a post going around Facebook that asked you to pick ten books that had stayed with you or had an effect on you in some way, and then tag ten friends to do the same. Lists + books are just the kind of nerdy thing I love, so I was excited when […]



I haven’t been to an estate sale in months. I get the emails and page through the pictures of what’s for sale, but not much appeals to me. It seems that these days I’m more interested in editing the contents of my house and my life than adding to them. This isn’t a new phase. Years […]

What I’m Reading

built in bookshelves in home office

I just finished a book that was chosen for my book club by my friend, Janelle, and I wanted to tell you about it. It’s called Left to Tell by Immaculée Ilibagiza, and it’s her story of not only surviving the Rwandan holocaust, but how she found God in the midst of it. Normally I shy […]

Kitchen Shortcuts


Over at The Family CEO I recently wrote about some kitchen shortcuts that I thought the readers here might be interested in. Do you like bacon, chicken, or popcorn? Read more at 3 Kitchen Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier.

Spring Touches

Forsythia at CreatingThisLife.com

I’ve taken care of my camera issues so I’m popping in to share a few touches of spring, which seems to have taken on an accidental yellow theme this year. I hope you’re enjoying Spring where you are. P.S. A spring wreath makeover.

Bedroom Updates and Some Links I’m Loving

Upholstered headboard and monogrammed pillows

Hello and I’m sorry to have been gone so long. Several of you have emailed or commented on the Facebook page and were wondering if all was okay. Thank you so much for checking in. How nice to be missed. All is fine. Just a very busy pace since the holidays, including trips to St. […]

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A Winter Reading List

Winter Reading Ideas

Hello from the frozen tundra that is Kansas City. Our fireplace is getting a workout, I’m drinking at least one cup of hot chocolate a day, and I’m spending a lot of my spare time with my covers piled high and reading, reading, reading. Here are my winter-themed book suggestions. I’d love to hear yours. […]