Lake Weekend


Last weekend Tom and I took Grant and seven of his high school friends to the Lake of the Ozarks for his birthday. Lindsey went too, brave soul. We stayed in two trailers owned by Tom’s mom: boys in one; Tom, Lindsey and me in the other. This is the fourth year we’ve done this. Can I tell […]

Quotable Friday and Weekend Links: Nancy Meyers Edition

somethings gotta give dining room

That quote came from this Elle Decor article about Nancy Meyers, the writer/director responsible for some of your favorite movies: Father of the Bride, The Holiday, The Parent Trap, Private Benjamin, Something’s Gotta Give, and It’s Complicated, among others. I’m not opposed to watching a movie for the interiors alone, but with a Nancy Meyers […]

Eataly Chicago

Produce at Eataly Chicago

When Tom and I were headed to Chicago last fall, my friend Lynda, whose daughter lives in Chicago, said to me, “You have to go to Eataly! Emma took me there and I loved it.” How to describe Eataly? The Chicago location (there are also locations in New York, Japan, Turkey, Dubai, and of course, Italy) […]

Simplifying Idea: Use Your Email Inbox as a To-Do List

corner desk in home office makeover

Recently I was getting a long overdue allergy shot, and I commented to the nurse that it was somehow harder to get there once a month than it had been when I was coming in once a week. She told me that she hears that all the time, and asked if I had signed up […]

Everything Looks Better When You Put it on a Tray

kitchen table tray

I’m not sure when I figured this out (it took me years), but once I did, I really ran with it. This little trick just works. I use it for pretty, housewarming stuff like candles, books, and flowers. And I also use it for that thing I love most: putting things we use everyday on display. […]

Quotable Friday and Weekend Links: Editing Edition

bathroom shelves

I’ve been considering lately what it means to be a “house person” and also someone who wants to simplify, because those two things can be at odds with each other. It would be easier, I’ve decided, if I were a minimalist. If I didn’t like dishes and books and artwork and throw pillows. If I didn’t enjoy […]

Book Report: Quick Reviews of What I’ve Been Reading

Book report

I’ve been immersed in all things books lately. For starters, I’ve taken advantage of two of the many author events that Kansas City’s great independent book store, Rainy Day Books, puts on each year. Last month, Lindsey and I went to hear Jen Lancaster talk about her new book I Regret Nothing (review below) at a RDB event. And last week, […]

Quotable Friday and Weekend Links: Julia Child Edition


Until I saw the movie Julie and Julia, I thought of Julia Child only as the quirky lady with the high-pitched voice on public television. But that movie, and Meryl Streep’s uncanny portrayal of her (she was Julia Child), transformed her – for me – from a charicature to the delightful but compelling person she actually was. […]

House Updates

dining room prints

These are the times that try men’s souls. Or Tom’s soul anyway. We’ve been slowly (cause that’s how we do things around here) changing the shiny brass door hardware throughout the house to brushed nickel. But when choosing hardware for the doors in the dining room, I felt like it needed to be aged bronze, because we […]

When an Introvert and an Extrovert Get Married

When an introvert and an extrovert get married

This post was originally published at The Family CEO. I’m reposting it here in case any of you can relate. A number of years ago – ten or more – Tom and I walked into a social function at church. It was either a casino night or a wine tasting (we’re Catholic so those are […]