Fall Estate Sale Finds

I love estate sale-ing in the fall. The weather is gorgeous, so it’s a great time to be out and about around town. I’m rarely happier than when I’m driving between estate sales on a cool morning, with a Diet Dr. Pepper from McDonalds in the cup holder and the XM Politics channel on the […]

Around the House

There’s a little of this and a little of that going on around the house. Like a pair of new family room lamps that I chose pretty much because of their twisty handles alone. And some new bronze knobs on the painted hutch, which, while a very small change from the white painted knobs that […]

Charming Homes of Mud Island

My friend, Carol Lynn, is a house person. And she knows that I am too. So when she recently visited her daughter in Memphis, she sent me these pictures of some of the charming homes and doorways on Mud Island and, when I asked, she told me I could share them with all of you […]

Banana Pudding with a Twist

A while back I made a decision to only share a recipe on this blog if it’s one of my go-to recipes, meaning one I’ve made for family and friends a number of times and can recommend with confidence. These Potato-Stuffed Bell Peppers fall into that category. So do this Poppy Seed Salad and Bruschetta Chicken. And now […]

Late Summer Patio

I spent some time last weekend sprucing up the patio, which had been showing lots of signs of late summer neglect. My motivation was Monday night’s book club, which we had to move indoors anyway because of high temps and humidity. But I’m loving the freshened up patio, even if I’m mostly looking at it from my kitchen window […]

Fall Blog Rewind

Warning: If you’re still hanging onto the last bit of summer by your fingernails, you’re going to want to skip this post. Fall lovers, however, proceed with absolutely no caution. We have the most gorgeous, fall-like temps in KC today. I have all the windows open, I’m wearing a sweatshirt (!) and I’m pretending that […]

Painted Pine Hutch

Years ago I had a friend named Kathy whose sons were in the same classes as my kids in elementary school. Kathy and I were in a bunco group together, and she was also in our book club before she moved out of state. Kathy had a unique, effortless sense of style. She was a […]

Have a Charming Weekend

I’m pretty addicted to charm. My favorite vacation memories are of charming places: Savannah, Georgetown, San Francisco. My list of places I want to visit is full of charm too: Martha’s Vineyard, Maine, Paris. But I don’t want charm to be just for vacations, so I’ve been looking for it in my everyday life too, and – surprise! – […]

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Note: This post – about a very surreal moment at the end of several very surreal days in my life – was originally published on The Family CEO. It took place two years ago today, and I’m reposting it here as a #TBT. So, funny story. A year ago this week, Lindsey and I were […]

Things I Love: Library Tables

I’ve been in love with the idea of a library table since I first knew what one was: a large writing table or desk, big enough for more than one person, like you would find in – well – a library. Antique library tables are made of wood and, while some (many?) were made for home libraries, […]