Apple Cider Sangria

Last Thanksgiving I tried a sparkling apple cider sangria recipe that I had pinned to my cocktails board on Pinterest. It was a keeper! I made it again last weekend when my parents were in town. Here’s the recipe: 1 750 ml bottle sparkling wine (I used an inexpensive spumante. Any sparkling wine will do.) […]

Stamped, Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies

I made cookies this weekend, which I haven’t done in forever. Something put me in the mood and I was eager to try out this new home made cookie stamp that I ordered from Amazon. The minute I saw it I thought of the care packages I could send to my youngest when he goes […]

Rabbits, Graduations and Broken Wrists

So it’s been a little quiet around here lately. I know, and I’m sorry. It’s due to a little fall I took and a little injury that ensued. Actually, it wasn’t so little of an injury after all. It was a broken wrist. The kind that involves multiple bones, surgery and plates (and not the […]

Estate Sale Silverplate

Last Saturday I had plans to get up early and hit a couple of estate sales. But as so often happens with me, I chose to sleep in instead. (If only they held estate sales at night…I could make a midnight start time much easier than an 8am one.) Still, once I was up I […]

Fresh Flowers

I mentioned last week that we were throwing a bridal shower for my niece. She wanted a shower with a vintage theme, which was a charming idea. We rounded up as many silver pitchers and clear vases as we could and filled them with Gerbera daisies, white mums, and freesia. We paired the flowers with […]

Vintage Dairy Jars

Aren’t the simplest things always the best? It started with an impulse purchase of three vintage dairy jars near the checkout of an estate sale. They weren’t the kind of thing I would usually buy, but I loved the look and feel of them. They seemed like a connection to the days of a milkman […]

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White Candle Love

This is a post in praise of the simple, white, unscented candle. But first a little fire safety tip. If you nestle candles down into coffee beans – which is a really neat look by the way – and those candles burn down into the coffee beans, they will start the coffee beans on fire. […]

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Winter Centerpiece with Twigs and Floating Candles

Recently I’ve made a habit of going out to the yard and finding things to drag back inside and – because of that – I’ve started to keep a pair of gardening clippers in one of the drawers in my kitchen. What I do is really more foraging than gardening, but foraging clippers just doesn’t have quite […]

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Christmas Sugar Cookie Bars with Peppermint Sprinkles

This is how it usually goes down when I make sugar cookies. I start out full of enthusiasm, get the dough all mixed and wait impatiently for it to chill. Then I roll it out, cut it into shapes, try to get them to the pan without them falling apart, and bake. Then I repeat […]

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Hot Chocolate Bar

Last fall I bought this tiered, wooden tray and filled it with mugs and plates and apples and little pumpkins. I told my family that the apples were fair game for eating, but the tray ended up being more for show than anything else. Generally speaking, things that are just for show make me cranky; […]