Artwork Finds

Last month I picked up a framed, vintage English poster at an estate sale. Artwork like this is why I continue to go to estate sales and walk the aisles of antique malls. You never know when you’re going to happen on something unique for your home. This piece appealed to me because I’m a sucker […]

Family Room Art

A year and a half ago I started an unintentional gallery wall around our family room TV. It began with these prints of Kansas City fountains that I found at an estate sale. And then I added a drawing of the house where Tom grew up. For a very long time, the wall stayed just like […]

Sunday Afternoon Art

This empty nest stuff isn’t all bad. With nobody else’s schedules to work around, Tom and I find ourselves doing pretty much whatever we want in the evenings and on the weekends. Last Saturday we left a birthday pool party for a friend and – on a whim – drove to Lawrence to surprise our tailgating friends at […]

Secondhand Finds: Staycation Edition

It’s been a slow secondhand shopping summer for me. As I browse through pictures in estate sale listings, I just haven’t been feeling it. That’s okay. Secondhand/vintage/antique shopping is like that. Sometimes you’re into it and finding stuff and other times, not so much. But Tom and I did do some antiquing in the West […]

Warming Up a Kitchen Corner

When I was searching for artwork ideas for Lindsey’s French bistro kitchen, I ran across a vintage advertising poster print at that I just loved. I was so taken with it, in fact, that I not only recommended it to Lindsey, but ordered a framed version for my kitchen too. I chose’s Sedona Walnut frame, […]

Rabbits, Graduations and Broken Wrists

So it’s been a little quiet around here lately. I know, and I’m sorry. It’s due to a little fall I took and a little injury that ensued. Actually, it wasn’t so little of an injury after all. It was a broken wrist. The kind that involves multiple bones, surgery and plates (and not the […]

Home Office Details

I love all the big changes made to my office during it’s makeover. I especially love how clean and fresh it feels. But, for me, this room is all about the details. There was a time when this room was more of a second family room. In addition to my desk and computer, the kids […]

Secondhand Prints for the Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms get ignored. That’s been my experience anyway. I tend to focus on the more public parts of the house. And then the kids’ bedrooms come next. But I’m trying to give our bedroom a little more attention. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when these four framed prints that I found at an […]

Cavallini & Co. Maps

I have a memory from years ago of my mother taking a career aptitude test at a local college. One of her top results was cartographer, or mapmaker to you and me. I remember us all joking about the randomness of that career suggestion. I’m certain there are cartographers gainfully employed today in all kinds […]

Family Room Mini-Makeover

When I woke up yesterday morning, the plan was to frame these estate sale prints of Kansas City fountain sketches and hang them in the entryway. By the end of the day, the family room had gotten a mini-makeover instead. I really, really wanted to have the prints custom framed. But because there were four […]