A Day in Key West

Earlier this month Tom and I spent six days in the Florida Keys with a group of friends and it was the getaway that we didn’t know we needed. It’s the first time we’ve ever gone somewhere warm during winter (why?) and I told Tom we need to make it an annual tradition. The Vitamin D alone is such a mood booster!

We spent one day of our trip in Key West, where we toured The Little White House and Hemingway’s home (and saw the six-toed cats). We ate at Sloppy Joe’s (I’d skip the sloppy joes but the fries and drinks were great), and Tom and I took a trolley tour of the island. (I’m a big fan of trolley tours and if a place we visit has one, I’m on it. It’s a joke in my family but I think the others secretly enjoy them.)

I wish I had come home with more pictures of Key West, but I did get a few pics if you’re interested.

P.S. Four fun things we did in New York and lovely London.

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  1. So green and sunny! Our -2 this morning is becoming tiresome. What a beautiful trip! Do tell more! What part of Key West would you recommend to stay in? How did you find your rental and were you happy with it? Thank you for the trolley idea! We have our “must visit/do” in our family, but trolley was not one of them. It is now! What kind of food they are famous for? Was it warm enough to swim? What would you do differently if you go again?

  2. I love the questions, Ina! Here are the answers:
    1. We didn’t stay in Key West. We stayed in Marathon, FL which is an hour and change north of Key West.
    2. Some friends of ours had access to the house for a week and invited a group of us to go with them. I know! So lucky.
    3. We joke about my insistence on trolley tours, but they are so helpful, especially if you don’t have a long time in one location. That way you can see everything and choose where you want to spend more time. Most of them are hop on/hop off so they double as transportation too.
    4. Key West is famous for Key Lime Pie and sloppy joes, apparently. The seafood in the Keys is also amazing. It’s a big fishing destination so that makes sense.
    5. If it was sunny out it was warm enough to swim (in the pool). If it was cloudy, not so much. Temps were in the 70s.
    6. Key West is such a fun and unique destination I’d like to stay there if we visit the Keys again (although a free house is hard to beat!). Also, we learned the beaches in the Keys aren’t the draw. Where we stayed there was no surf (due to the large reefs, we learned) and the water was pretty stagnant.

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