We’ve reached the point in the pandemic where a trip to HomeGoods seems like a big deal. Yesterday, I was coming home from an appointment and decided that masking up and seeing what HomeGoods had to offer was the most exciting idea in the world. It’s amazing what passes for a thrill these days.

The shelves were a little bare because of the time of year, but I was still able to find some fun things. Here are some pics if you’d like to see.

I love brown soap bottles and even more when the labels have a botanical design. When the original soap is gone I refill them and use them over and over. These were on clearance for $1 each so that made me especially happy.

Little cocktail napkins in a fun, summery design. For when we can entertain again.

Tom has developed a love of strawberry jam recently so I picked up this jar for him. Just three ingredients: strawberries, sugar, and pectin.

Slippers that feel more like shoes. Really comfortable, fur-lined shoes that is. I’m wearing them as I write this.

This set of three slim journals was such a fun find. They were handmade in Italy and the covers have a leather-like look.

The pages have the same little bird and books drawing as the front. Grant snagged one of these as soon as I showed them to him.

Candles in fall or holiday scents are my favorites, and now that those seasons have passed I was looking for something to replace them. I’m not one for flowery candles (scents are so individual, aren’t they?) but I loved the strong, masculine smell of this one. It seems perfect for winter.

I’m always on the lookout for wooden cutting boards, not so much to cut on but to use as trivets, to serve apps on, or just to leave out in the kitchen to warm it up. There were quite a few to choose from, but the wood tone of this one was my favorite.

I’ve given up artificial plants for real ones, even if I have to occasionally replace them due to neglect or user error. But real plants don’t work for the lake, especially this time of year when we’re only down there every few weeks, so I picked up this plant for a touch of green.

I couldn’t pass up this wrapping paper in a navy and white ticking print. I’ll be on the hunt for the perfect ribbon to use with it.

I’m unsure whether I’ll use this classic white pitcher for drinks or to hold kitchen utensils, but I thought the lines of it were so clean and pretty.

Have you been to HomeGoods lately? What kinds of things do you buy there? I’d love to hear.

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