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A Nell Hills Visit and Entryway Artwork

Over the weekend I made a visit to the Nell Hills Briarcliff store and I texted my mom to tell her I was there. She lives in Florida full-time now so she asked me to take some pictures so she could get her Nell Hills fix.

Taking pictures of a store might seem odd, but Nell Hills is at least as much inspiration as it is shopping. I’ve been many times and never bought a thing, but was still happy to have made the trip.

Since many people find this blog by searching for Nell Hills or its owner, Mary Carol Garrity (I’ve blogged about her houses here, here, and here), I thought I would share the pics I took for my mom.

I didn’t know I would be using the photos on the blog until I was long gone from NH, or I would have taken more pictures and better ones, but here’s a little sampling of what I saw.

Nell Hills 1

I was taken by the cabinets on this trip. So many beautiful ones, and all with the styled to look unstyled look.

Nell Hills 3

The one below was my favorite. I circled back by it a number of times. Just gorgeous.

Nell Hills 5

This light fixture was another favorite. It was much larger than it appears in this picture. There’s also a glimpse of one of the many beds at NH in the background. The layers they use make them so luxurious.

Nell Hills 6

Here are a couple of other pics of beds, and a chandelier, I saw on my visit last fall.

Nell Hills Bed 2

Nell Hills Bed

Nell Hills Chandelier

I’m a sucker for a poster, and I love it when they’re framed elegantly, like this one is (also from last fall).

Nell Hills artwork

On this trip I was on the hunt for artwork, which my walls desperately need.

Nell Hills 2

I bought the large picture below.

Nell Hills 4

And hung it in my entryway.


If you like the Nell Hills style, they have a weekly blog with lots of decorating ideas. Starting soon they’re going to be doing a monthly feature on Mary Carol Garrity’s new lake house.

P.S. Another favorite store: P.O.S.H. Chicago.

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  1. Love, love, love. Wished I lived nearby so I could visit store in person. Our Buffalo paper carries her column. My decorating style is a toned down version of hers, but wow, could I do some damage in her shop. It is amazing how well they style and merchandise their furniture and accessories to make it all look so darn appealing.

    1. I wish you could visit too, Sherri. And you’re right: their styling is amazing. So much to look at.

  2. Julie, the photos were so fun to see! My brother and sister-in-law have a lovely home in KC (Brookside), and my sister-in-law has mentioned Nell Hills. It all looks amazing, and I agree the cabinets are beautiful. I love the picture you bought!

    1. Thank you, Jillian. And Brookside is such a charming area. I’ll bet you enjoy visiting.

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