A Places to Go and Things to Do List

Going to the Met in NYC was on my list. I checked it off in June of 2019.

Do you have a bucket list? I have put together lists like these in the past but they felt overwhelming and like too much pressure.

Lately, however, I’ve circled back around to this idea and have begun creating a list of things I regularly think and dream about, but in a no-pressure kind of way. As in: I’ll get around to some of the stuff on the list, and other things will remain in dream territory, and that’s okay.

I struggled with a name for what I was putting together (I don’t love the term ‘bucket list’). Then I realized that everything I was jotting down was either a place to go or a thing to do, so there you go.

Here is what’s on my list so far.

Places to Go

  • Drive up the California coast from Santa Barbara to Carmel, stopping/staying in different towns along the way.
  • Go to a book/literary festival.
  • Go to New England in the fall.
  • Visit New Orleans. I’ve never been. I want to ride the streetcar, walk through the garden district and visit the National WWII Museum.
  • (Update: Done, May 2022) Re-visit the Library of Congress. We went once at the end of a DC trip and the family was worn out and not as I excited as I was about this stop so we cut our visit short. I want to go back.

Things to Do

  • Take a trip by myself.
  • Take a trip with each of my kids.
  • Have gas lanterns installed on the front of our house and/or on the patio. The cost of this is probably prohibitive but I’m in love with these so I’ll never quit dreaming about them.
  • Take an iPhone photography course. Know any good ones?
  • (Update: Done, October 2019 with this toile paper.) Have our powder room wallpapered. (I can’t seem to pick a pattern.)
  • Stay at The Raphael Hotel at Christmastime. The Raphael is a charming European-style boutique hotel on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City and the Plaza is especially wonderful at Christmas.
  • Renovate and live in an older home.

After putting this list together I noticed that some things on it are quite big (renovate and live in an older home) and others are pretty small (take an iPhone photography course). I like that mix.

I also noticed that quite a few items have a bookish or library theme.

I plan to revisit the list often and either take things off (because I’ve done them or they no longer interest me) and add new things that I find myself dreaming about.

Do you have a list like this? I’d love to know what’s on it.


  1. Love all these ideas Julie. Have been to several of these places, but haven’t taken the tours you suggested. I would like to go on the Kansas city garden tour. Haven’t done that.

    1. I’ve only been on that garden tour once, Linda, but it was wonderful.

  2. Donna Phillips says:

    I enjoyed your recent blog about making lists of big and small dreams ! I have never liked the term of bucket list but your list names are much more up beat .
    Enjoy all the places you will see with the help of your lists !

  3. I grew up in KC, and my husband and I come back often at Christmas just to stay in the Raphael on the plaza. We always get a room with a plaza view. It’s magical. My big one on my list is to to England again in the fall too! I’ll have to go alone as my husband doesn’t want to go across the Atlantic anymore. So getting up my nerve for that!

    1. I’m so glad to get that review of the Raphael at Christmastime. We had an exceptionally busy December this year so it didn’t happen but it will someday! I hope you get to go to England in the fall! How special that would be.

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