A Walk Through DC: Doorways of Georgetown

Last week I shared with you some pictures of the charming houses and streets in Naperville, IL, from my trip two Octobers ago.

But I hope you’re up for a little more fall charm, this time courtesy of Washington DC.

A Wall Through DC Fall Doorways of Georgetown

Over the long Columbus Day weekend, my husband and I went with our son, Grant, on a college visit to Catholic University in Washington, DC.

On Sunday night, after the Catholic U Open House, we took the Metro to Dupont Circle, and then walked to the Georgetown area of DC to grab a bite to eat.

Washington DC Fall Street

The walk took a little longer than necessary because we kept stopping to admire the homes and porches and gardens along the way.

georgetown brick sidewalk

I don’t mind telling you that all that gawking is a little tricky to do while walking on brick sidewalks. Especially for someone like me, who is prone to clumsiness. But the charm alone was worth any potential trips or falls, which thankfully didn’t happen.

Rock Creek Park Railing

The route we chose took us next to Rock Creek Park, which has its own kind of beauty, like this decorative railing with its peeling paint.

Georgetown railing

All of the foliage along the way was so pretty.

DC fall railing

Especially when it was paired with iron fencing, which you see a lot of.

Georgetown brick wall and ivy trellis

This brick wall with an ivy trellis certainly got our attention.

Georgetown courtyard

So did this little courtyard.

But it was the houses, especially the doorways, that I couldn’t get enough of.

Here’s some of what we saw:

Georgetown doorway black

I loved the combination of the brick steps, black door with brass hardware, and pots of greenery at this house.

Georgetown brick doorway

And the columns and doorway and, well, pretty much everything here was so pretty.

georgetown door blue

The little American flag at this house looked perfect with its blue door.

georgetown doorway green

The greyhounds guarding this door were a fun touch.

Georgetown Doorway Red

And how cute are the tiny pumpkins lining these steps?

georgetown doorway blue

The blue color of this door was a surprise among the more traditional blacks, greens, and reds.

Georgetown doorway

The pediment and wreath above this doorway seemed quintessential Georgetown.

Georgetown doorways

So did these neighboring doors in black and red. So classic.

georgetown house blue

The fall touches on this door and porch made an interesting contrast to the light blue painted brick.

georgetown house white

And this house? The shutters? The iron balconies? What’s not to love?

We made our way to M Street – the main drag – in Georgetown and had some appetizers and drinks.

It was dusk, and streetlights and headlights were starting to come on as we were leaving the restaurant. It was that amazing blue hour, as you can see by the sky.

Georgetown street at dusk

georgetown street dusk

Again, so charming. There are really only so many times someone can use the word charm, aren’t there? I really need to dig out my thesaurus.

Georgetown street fall

Georgetown street

I don’t know where Grant will choose to go to school, and DC is a long way from KC which breaks my heart just a little. But visits there would sure be fun.

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  1. I’m addicted! I absolutely love architecture and am always curious to see houses in other parts of the states. Great blog, Julie!

    1. It’s so fun to connect with fellow house junkies like yourself, LH. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

  2. What a nice little tour. I always love walking the streets and gawking at houses where ever I may be. The DC area has lots to gawk at! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Pat, nice to know I’m not alone in my house gawking. 🙂

    1. I hope you get to, Julie.

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