Amaryllis Bulbs in Blue and White Pots

A year or two ago I bought my first potted Amaryllis bulb and for the holidays and our whole family became enchanted with it. It was almost like you could stand and watch it grow before your eyes.

Star of Holland and Red Lion Amaryllis bulb kits

So last weekend I added pick up Amaryllis bulbs to my list of errands. I found some loose ones at my local nursery but their bulbs were larger than I wanted and I wasn’t sure if I had potting soil at home to plant them in. I kept hunting and found these bulb kits on sale for $4.99 at the Westlake Ace Hardware Store near my house. They didn’t have my favorite – white – but I chose two Star of Hollands for our house and picked up a couple of Red Lions as gifts.

Bulb kits come with their own planting medium, which is actually fun to use: you add warm water to the compressed disc that comes with the kit, watch it expand, and then fluff with a fork.

potted amaryllis bulbThe kits also come with plastic pots, but I recycle or donate those and use my own pots instead, like these two blue and white ones that came from an estate sale and an antique mall.

Christmas bulbs in blue and white planter

The little windmill one is a Delft pot from Holland and is my new favorite.

Blue and white planter with bulb

Do you pot bulbs for the holidays? What’s your favorite?

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  1. Julie, someone gave me one of the Amaryllis bulb kits last year. It came with a pretty ceramic pot, but, sadly, I had no luck growing it. Not sure what went wrong. Your pots are lovely and make me want to try again. I think Paperwhite bulbs are another nice choice, but haven’t tried to grow them. ~Jillian

  2. Oh, Jillian, bummer. As I said, I’ve only grown them once so who knows if mine will bloom this year? And I agree…paperwhites are lovely.

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