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Around the House and Some Links I’m Loving

In September my dad was in KC for some business and a golf tournament and my mom sent with him some fabric she had that she knew I liked.


I was ready to change out my kitchen cafe curtains, so I took the fabric back to Florida with me when we visited earlier this month and had mom sew up some new ones. (See kids, when someone gives you something for free, you repay them by asking them to make you something out of it, also for free.)

I’m enjoying the change. The print is more sophisticated than the previous curtains and the colors are warmer – great for fall. And I’m saving the old curtains (also courtesy of mom) in case I want to lighten things back up again.

Kitchen sink

Speaking of my parents, you may remember this picture of carpet samples I was considering for our stairway.

Stairway carpet samples

My mom really liked the black sample, so I stuck it in my dad’s carry-on when he went back to Florida after his trip to KC. (My dad is like a drug mule for home decor items.)

I liked the black sample too, but I knew almost from the beginning that I would be going with one of the herringbone patterns, and I ended up choosing this dark grey one.

carpet closeup

“Funny” story: when they came to do the install we discovered they had brought the wrong carpeting. We discovered that after the old carpeting had been ripped out, so we lived with just the pad for a couple of weeks while the correct carpeting was (re)ordered.

herringbone stairway carpet

Definitely a first world problem, and it was a fun conversation piece for a while, but we were happy to get the new stuff in. Having no exposed tacks is definitely a plus when going up and down stairs.

monogrammed silverplate champagne bucket

And then there’s this champagne bucket.

I ran across it at an estate sale this week and turned it around to find that, not only was it monogrammed (love!), but that it was monogrammed with the first initial of our last name. I really had no choice at that point.

simple silver polishing

I used the super easy/lazy silver polishing method on it when I got it home and snapped this pic midway through because it’s always such fun to see this at work.

monogrammed silverplate champagne bucket used as kitchen utensil holder

Now it’s almost too shiny. I’ll enjoy watching it get a little bit tarnished.

Finally, here are some things I found interesting and inspiring on the web. I bookmarked them to share with you here.

  • Don’t you love Steve Martin? He’s such a wonderfully multi-talented and multi-layered guy. Case in point: he recently held a tag sale at One Kings Lane of things he’s collected over the years. Everything was way, way out of my price range, but I enjoyed looking through the sale and reading the descriptions/captions that he wrote.
  • Have I already shared these ten tried-and-true decorating rules from a former Southern Living magazine editor? I feel like I have but decided they were worth a re-share anyway.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Julie, My stairs and upper hall are in desperate need of new carpet, however I am at the point of giving up, because the same carpet in the living/dining rooms is still perfect. No way could I ever match it. So I too was going to do a pattern, trellis or something, and thought it would be too busy with the entrance way tile, which is obviously right there by stairs (my layout is similar to yours I think). We have limestone tile floors, which although neutral, are still squares, and the tile variation, while beautiful, can be busy. So, what type of flooring do you have in entrance? Were you worried about the “busy” effect? If I had wood, picking a pattern would be waaay easier. Thanks, Sherri

    1. Sherri, we have a gray marble tile which you can see a tiny bit of in the carpet samples picture. It’s pretty plain…so busyness wasn’t an issue. I hope to have all wood on the first floor at some point. Limestone tile sounds very pretty, as does a trellis pattern. And I understand…these decisions can get overwhelming.

  2. Hi Julie, I am lovin’ your carpet choice! I remember having a Chesterfield coat in that same pattern many years ago. Wish I had it now. All the oldies become goodies again if you wait for it. Happy Thanksgiving and glad you posted the tips.

    1. Sounds like such a classic coat, Karen. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. Julie, I love the carpet choice…beautiful with your gray tile!

    Someone gave us an almost identical ice bucket as a wedding gift 38 years ago. It’s lovely but no initial.

    That curtain fabric is also beautiful. It would have grabbed my eye in a heartbeat. I also think your kitchen window would be lovely with just the wreath.

    1. Thanks for your nice words, Jillian. Congratulations on 38 years!

  4. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Hurry and help me! I want to buy silver (some kind) candlesticks from ebay.
    I don’t know what silver to look for!!!
    I want it to attractive like your champagne buckets, affordable, useable,, and I want to use the baking soda method to clean them. Teach me, quick, so I can use them for Thanksgiving.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nan. I would just look for silver plate (less expensive than sterling) candlesticks in good condition and in a in a pattern/style you like. In addition to eBay you could check Etsy.com or local antique shops. Good luck!

  5. Hi Julie,
    Beautiful stairway! Please tell me where you got all your carpet samples from — I just LOVE the herringbone!
    Thanks bunches 🙂

    1. Hi Erin, I got them from Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City.

  6. Hi! I love the Herringbone Carpet for the stairs! Is it a flat weave? I have been trying to find one for our house that we are building. Would you mind telling me what brand it is? Thanks so much!!

  7. Hi! Love the carpet you chose for your stairway! Would you mind sharing the color name of the Tuftex carpet you chose for your stairs? Was it the Windsor Gray or the Chateau?

    Also, would you mind sharing your carpet padding thickness? We’re thinking about using a thicker pad (7/16 inch) but have been told thats too thick for a stairway. Do you like the feel of your current padding?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Ophelia. I can’t for the life of me remember the color, but I went online to look at the options and I’m pretty sure it was Chateau. Also, we just used the standard pad. No special thickness. Hope that helps! Good luck with your decisions.

      1. Kelly LeGard says:

        Julie, I am looking at a swatch board of this carpet today. Chateau looks pretty dark. You think that is what you used, though? I am trying to work with gray walls and white trim like you have. Also, I just found your blog. I am in KC too! I got the sample board from Carpet Corner. Did NFM have all those single samples? I think that is what I need to see to choose.

        1. Kelly, check your email!

  8. Hello!
    Did the color of carpets every get solved?
    I am using this and really like your color.

  9. Hi!!

    I’m at a carpet store now and I’m trying to bit the same Tuftex herringbone! Was it in fact chateau? Or carbon? Ahhhh! Help please!

    1. Ahhh…Corinne I’m late! Let me see I can find the answer. I’m certain it wasn’t Carbon.

  10. Jaclyn donovan says:

    What gray color did you choose for your runner? I’m looking to install the Only Natural carpet on my stairs now but am having trouble choosing a color. Yours looks great!

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