Around the House

There’s a little of this and a little of that going on around the house.

Ceramic urn lamp

Like a pair of new family room lamps that I chose pretty much because of their twisty handles alone.

lamp detail

Family Room Lamp

And some new bronze knobs on the painted hutch, which, while a very small change from the white painted knobs that were there before, make a big difference.

Bronze furniture knobs

Painted hutch with bronze knobs

We are sorely, sorely in need of new stairway carpet. I think the carpet that’s there now is original to the house, which is 23 years old, and the carpet is off white. I’ll let you reflect on that for a minute.

Stairway carpet samples

These are the carpeting samples I brought home. I keep looking at them in different light and from different angles and I think I’ve made a choice.

Outdoor statue holding jewelry

Finally, this statue of a little girl used to be outside at my mom’s house. When she was handed down to me, I brought her inside and put her on the fireplace hearth. But now she’s up on my bedroom dresser holding necklaces and rosaries.

It’s ridiculous how happy she makes me there.


  1. Love the lamps- epecially the twisted handles. The bronze knobs look perfect on the painted hutch. Those carpet samples are great. I like both styles but the herringbone seems like a classic and long lived look. The little statue holding the jewelry is adorable- what a great idea.

    1. Liz, I’m going with the herringbone for just the reason you mentioned: it’s more classic. Just trying to decide on a color now.

  2. “Finally, this statue of a little girl used to be outside at my mom’s house… It’s ridiculous how happy she makes me there.” This alone will make my day! Such a sweet sentiment.
    Do love the lamps. Where did you find them?

    1. Linda, I ordered them from Macy’s online.

  3. Carol Liebst says:

    Had to smile at the comment about the little girl making you happy. Not ridiculous at all! Brilliant using her in such a personal way. My in-laws had a similar little boy outside their front door, only it was a fountain. When we closed their home and divided the possessions several of the kids and grandkids wanted the little boy. Things like that bring back warm memories of childhood and home! I too like the herringbone. My fav is the lightest one. Least fav is the one above it. The outside two are hard to distinguish – I am think they are more grey/greige. I like them too! New carpet sounds like so much fun!

    1. Carol, I love that story about your in-laws’ fountain. Clearly it symbolized their home for many of you. I think we all have things like that at our parents’/grandparents’ houses and they usually aren’t the things you would expect.

  4. Julie, I just love the lamps and their twisty handles…great choice! I agree on the herringbone carpet. Do let us know which one you choose. It’s not always easy, right?

    I wanted to tell you I have the little girl and little boy statues. I ordered them from a catalog some 30 years ago. Mine are about 20″ tall. My original plan was to put them outside, but somehow they ended up in the house. I have them in our living room flanking French doors that open to the patio. I just love them.

    1. Well, Jillian, that sounds just charming. I love outside things brought inside.

  5. I love the new lamps!!! Can’t wait to see which carpet you chose. They all are pretty!

  6. How fun to freshen up with a few new things. I’ve been looking for some type of similar bust like your little girl to hold my bobbles and trinkets! How nice your’s has a family history.

    1. Leslie, I had a newer one that I bought at Tuesday Morning, but I like this weathered one better. 🙂

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