As it turns out, love in the time of Corona is complicated.

My daughter and her fiancee have had their wedding plans completely disrupted. First, a big shower had to be postponed and the bachelor and bachelorette trips quickly followed. Finally, they made the difficult decision to reschedule the June 6 wedding for later in the summer. We’re anxiously watching that date as well.

A few months back these two began looking for a home to buy. That also came with its share of stress because the inventory of houses on the market in Kansas City is impossibly low which means there’s a ton of competition for every house, especially those in certain price ranges.

But they found their dream house and after one false start (a cash offer by another buyer that fell through) their offer was chosen over nine others and they got the house! They were able to close and get moved in before the social distancing and stay-at-home orders began.

And you guys…this house…I can’t even. It’s a charming 80-year-old house on the most charming street and did I mention it’s charming?

I shared a couple of pics on Instagram, like this one that has me dreaming about painting all of my walls white.

I asked Lindsey to pose for this pic with their Dutch door, which I’m ridiculously excited about. As far as I’m concerned they bought a Dutch door that happened to come with a house attached.

It was so fun to help them move and watch them get settled and they have the best place to quarantine.

As for me, I stopped into an estate sale in March, on the day before our world really began changing, and picked up these four vintage botanicals.

The plan is to hang them here over the family room couch, although it’s now over a month later and that has yet to happen. Is anyone else having trouble getting things done around the house when we have more time than ever to do them? No? Just me?

I am happy to have them though because I have been wanting to add some new artwork to our walls.

To that end, I picked up this vintage watercolor from an Instagram seller (@mariaclaireinteriors); it’s propped on the living room mantle.

This vintage rug came from another Instagram seller (@shopupcountryliving). I wasn’t sure where I would use it, but the size was perfect for our bathroom, and I’m liking the added color in there.

Not shown: The ethernet cable that we’ve run from the router in our family room to Tom’s new “office” in the dining room where he’s working from home. To keep us from killing ourselves it’s taped to the floor with blue painter’s tape. It’s a great look! Let me know if you want DIY instructions.

I hope this finds you and your family well.

P.S. An engagement and what gives a house soul?