Last weekend Tom and I went to Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozarks for a little getaway. It was a work trip for him, but there was no work involved. The best kind.


We were thrilled to get to go because Big Cedar has been on our places to go list for a long time, but we had never made it there, even though it’s only about a three and a half hour drive.


This little fall vignette greeted us outside the registration area.


And this was the view from our room. Gorgeous!


The windowsill in the picture above was blocking this little chapel right outside our building.


We went exploring on our walk the next morning and found it ready for a sweet wedding. I took this picture through the window since the doors were locked. It doesn’t begin to do it justice, especially those charming lights that were just right for a country chapel.


On our way back from breakfast we saw the wedding party assembled for pictures outside. What a gorgeous day for a wedding. And would you look at those shutters on the chapel?


Speaking of breakfast, this is where we ate breakfast both days we were there.


The flowers in the window planters were still going strong. Love the stacked rocks they were sitting on. And the ticking cafe curtains, baskets, and more shutters…so much charm.


We ate outside, however, because look at this view from our table. More stacked stones as fence posts. Honestly, I could have sat here the whole weekend and been perfectly happy.


Instead, however, we took a golf cart on the Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail. If you don’t know us, I should tell you that this is very outdoorsy for us. Tom said he loves nature now that he knows he can see it from a golf cart on a paved trail. Golf is his other favorite form of nature.


Seriously though..the scenery was breathtaking.

I took a few videos because this tour was just so much fun.


Just as you entered the cave there was a drive-up bar. And when I say drive-up, I mean I got out of the golf cart to place our order and the bartender told me I should go ahead and stay inside. Okie dokie. I got the Mine Shaft and Tom got a Bud Light.


We did get out of the cart another time to have our picture taken at this overlook. We absolutely loved the trail and would do it again in a heartbeat.

We had lunch at Arnie’s Barn (Arnie being Arnold Palmer) at Top of the Rock and our view included golf, another chapel, and Table Rock Lake. The golf holes in this video are the driving range. I tried to get Tom to hit a bucket of balls, but his plan is to come back and play the course.


On Saturday night we went by boat to the “work” function, which was an outdoor bbq and bonfire. The weather was perfect and the setting was so unique. You can see the kids had on glow necklaces.


We loved Big Cedar and definitely plan to go back. Have you been?