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Blue and White Love

So many of us have a love affair with the classic color combination of blue and white and I’m no exception.

I have blue and white all over my house. Because it’s so classic, I treat it as a neutral. I don’t worry whether there is any other blue in the room (there almost always isn’t).

I like having individual pieces here and there but my favorite way to use blue and white is to group pieces together for bigger impact, like on top of this cabinet in my living room. These are all ginger jars with lids, but I try to vary the height and shapes.

I’ve picked up blue and white pieces at estate sales, on Etsy, and in HomeGoods. I even packed a large blue and white ginger jar into my carryon luggage to bring it back from an antique mall in Florida.

Recently I went hunting for some blue and white pieces on Amazon and was so happy to see the great selection. Here are some of my favorites.

(Please note: The links included here are Amazon affiliate links, meaning if you click through and make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can see my disclosure policy for more details.)

Porcelain Temple Jar (Love this classic shape. This one is large at 18″ and would make a great anchor for a grouping.)

Floral Ginger Jar (This white design on a blue background is flipped from what you usually see, which is interesting.)

Floral Jar with Lid and Base (I love the shape of this one.)

Ming Style Jar with Lid (Jars like these that are more cream than white can make a space feel warmer, which I like.)

Blue, White and Gold Ceramic Jar (The gold trim really glams it up.)

Set of 3 Planters (Love that it comes in a set. The small size is great for holding things like jewelry on a dresser or cotton balls in a bathroom.)

Porcelain Flower Pot (Classic shape and style. Would look great with fall mums.)

Jar Shaped Table Lamp (I really love the jar shape and the wooden base of this lamp.)

I bought a blue and white garden stool a lot like this one for the patio this summer. I love that these can also be used inside and I am looking for a place to use it indoors this winter.

Are you a fan of blue and white? How do you use it in your home?


  1. I love this post Julie! I’ve been adding to my blue and white collection a good bit lately, finding some good deals. We were in Cracker Barrel Saturday afternoon and there was a sale display for 70% off…they had 2 blue and white porcelain jars w/lids and the sale price was $7.50 each! Of course I bought both. I have also lucked up at Ross Store. I know these aren’t the real deal but frankly I don’t care, they look perfect to me. I am looking for a nice blue and white platter and would like 3 of them eventually but they are a little pricey…I hinted about them to my husband so we’ll see (LOL)! I always look forward to your posts here and on IG.

  2. Please show us your blue and white garden stool in your patio setting. I have one and need inspiration.

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