Boston 2010


Yesterday I stumbled across the pictures from our Boston vacation exactly five years ago – July 2010 – and found myself remembering what an especially fun family trip it was.

kids in Boston

This was just a few weeks before Lindsey headed off to college and Grant started high school. It’s amazing how much their lives have changed in just five short years.

And, oh, how I love Boston. Anyplace with equal parts history and charm is okay by me.

boston skyline

Boston Street

Beacon Hill Boston

boston farmers market

These arial shots were taken from the top of the Prudential Center, which Grant likes to remind us no one wanted to visit except him, and it ended up being a favorite part of the trip for everyone. Look at those views!

boston in July

Fenway Park

We saw all of the following pictures on our walk from the hotel to Fenway.

Boston firetruck

I loved the fish in this sign on the sidewalk.

Boston sidewalk sign

boston bridge

And I remember the night of this baseball game being very cool. So welcome after coming from Kansas City’s July temperatures.

Fenway sign

field at Fenway

family at fenway

These pictures make me want to go back.

What vacation are you remembering fondly these days?


  1. So glad I came across your blog via the Preppy Empty Nester…I am a Boston Girl, born and raised…moved to Maryland for college, then marriage. I just came back from a stay with my sister, the Family Matriarch. I used to love going to the top of the Prudential…I could spot my childhood home looking past Fenway to Jamaica Plain and on a clear day you could see the mountains in New Hampshire…which happens to be where my husband was raised. Thanks so much for sharing…I bet your kids are becoming wonderful adults.

    1. How wonderful, Beemie. NH is on my bucket list too. Just love New England. Thanks for visiting the blog. I’m so happy you did.

  2. Great pics… It hasn’t changed much! Boston is so much more fun in July than in January! Darling pics of your children. Enjoy your week!

    1. I’m sure that’s true, Katie. The July temps in Boston were delightful!

  3. So glad I found your blog thanks to Preppy Empty Nester! I’m a NY native transplanted to NC, a mom of two grown kids, and a grandmother of two. You’re in my bookmarks now!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog, Maggie. I hope you’ll be back! Thanks for the nice comment.

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