Mix and Match Bedding

Can we talk bedding for a minute? I’ve always struggled with it. I think it’s because I tended toward bedding “sets” which ended up seeming too matchy – matchy for me.  Recently, however, we found ourselves in need of a new bed and that purchase inspired me to revisit our bedding.  I knew I wanted a […]

Amaryllis Bulbs in Blue and White Pots

A year or two ago I bought my first potted Amaryllis bulb and for the holidays and our whole family became enchanted with it. It was almost like you could stand and watch it grow before your eyes. So last weekend I added pick up Amaryllis bulbs to my list of errands. I found some loose […]

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Everything Looks Better When You Put it on a Tray

I’m not sure when I figured this out (it took me years), but once I did, I really ran with it. This little trick just works. I use it for pretty, housewarming stuff like candles, books, and flowers. And I also use it for that thing I love most: putting things we use everyday on display. […]

Butler’s Tray as Bar Cart

You’ve probably noticed that bar carts are all the rage. They’re everywhere. If you’ve missed the memo, head over to Pinterest and do a search to see what I mean. I’ve taken note of the trend and, while I didn’t want to go all in with a new bar cart, I do have this butler’s tray […]

Simple Coffee Station

We had an empty spot on the kitchen counter next to our coffee maker, so in an effort to make things more convenient for the coffee drinkers in the family (everyone but me) and free up some cabinet space at the same time, I put together a quick coffee station in this little alcove. I bought […]

Let’s Talk Boxwood

When we moved into our house 13 years ago next week, there were two long boxwood hedges lining the sidewalk to our front door. After a while we began to notice an odor that smelled like – there’s no delicate way to put this – cat urine. Turns out that’s a distinctive boxwood odor, although […]

Little Office Accessories

I’ve used this garage sale flowerpot as a pencil holder in the office for a while now. I like that its prettier than most things that were made to be pencil holders. So after the office remodel I wanted to add some other pretty touches to the office and I started with my paperclip holder, […]

White Soup Tureens

Many years ago – probably 15 or more – I bought the white soup tureen below at a garage sale. I didn’t have plans to serve actual soup out of it and I don’t think I ever have. But it’s been with me through two houses and has been, at various times, on top of my […]

Potted Herb Garden

We are smack dab in the middle of two graduations, my son from high school last night and my daughter from college on Saturday. But I recently planted a few herbs and snapped a few pics so I wanted to take a minute to share them here. I chose the two herbs that I buy the most […]

Home Office Details

I love all the big changes made to my office during it’s makeover. I especially love how clean and fresh it feels. But, for me, this room is all about the details. There was a time when this room was more of a second family room. In addition to my desk and computer, the kids […]