Spring Tray

The hot chocolate ingredients have been put away for a while so I was looking to spring-i-fy my wooden tray. I pulled out these garage sale bunnies and the bunny plates those high pressure saleswomen at the Serendipity Resale Shop sold me. The bunnies and plates looked a little naked just sitting there on the bottom […]


greige /grāZH/ (plural greiges) 1. Blend of grey and beige  2. A color between grey and beige, closely akin to taupe. 3. Blend of gray and beige, perhaps influenced by French grège ‘raw (silk)’. However you want to define it, I can’t get enough of greige. It may be one of my favorite colors. Is that weird to say? That’s especially true for decorating, since I’m in my neutral stage and expect […]

Fresh Flowers

I mentioned last week that we were throwing a bridal shower for my niece. She wanted a shower with a vintage theme, which was a charming idea. We rounded up as many silver pitchers and clear vases as we could and filled them with Gerbera daisies, white mums, and freesia. We paired the flowers with […]

Cavallini & Co. Maps

I have a memory from years ago of my mother taking a career aptitude test at a local college. One of her top results was cartographer, or mapmaker to you and me. I remember us all joking about the randomness of that career suggestion. I’m certain there are cartographers gainfully employed today in all kinds […]

Winter Centerpiece with Twigs and Floating Candles

Note: I get lots of questions about how to keep the twigs from floating in these clear vases. The key is to choose little “branches” instead of individual sticks. If the branches are just a bit wider than the vase they should stay put nicely. Recently I’ve made a habit of going out to the yard and […]

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Hot Chocolate Bar

Last fall I bought this tiered, wooden tray and filled it with mugs and plates and apples and little pumpkins. I told my family that the apples were fair game for eating, but the tray ended up being more for show than anything else. Generally speaking, things that are just for show make me cranky; […]