And He’s Off to New York

Last month our youngest, Grant, graduated from Saint Louis University and started a new job in … New York City! You guys, I’m not gonna lie, this development has been tough on this mom, but he is absolutely living his dream, so it’s all good. It’s great, actually. He is living in Brooklyn for the […]

A Family Baby Shower

Back in February, my sisters-in-law and I threw a baby shower for our niece Emily. I had forgotten how much fun baby showers are. It was a treat to host this one. My sister-in-law Julie (the other Julie in our family) and I created a shared Pinterest board, started pinning all things baby shower to […]

Winter Centerpiece with Twigs and Floating Candles

Note: I get lots of questions about how to keep the twigs from floating in these clear vases. The key is to choose little “branches” instead of individual sticks. If the branches are just a bit wider than the vase they should stay put nicely. Recently I’ve made a habit of going out to the yard and […]

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