Spring Tray

The hot chocolate ingredients have been put away for a while so I was looking to spring-i-fy my wooden tray. I pulled out these garage sale bunnies and the bunny plates those high pressure saleswomen at the Serendipity Resale Shop sold me. The bunnies and plates looked a little naked just sitting there on the bottom […]

Spring Wreath Makeover

Last year I put together a simple spring wreath by adding some craft store flowers to a grapevine wreath I had lying around. It was cute, but nothing special. It could have used something a little extra. Mother Nature must have agreed because one morning we woke up to discover that a bird had built […]

Snow Days and French Chairs

On Tuesday we got slammed with snow. A foot of it. Grant was out of school from Tuesday until Thursday. Lindsey and her roommates got a couple of snowdays at KU. And even Tom came home early to work from home on the day the snow hit. It’s almost unheard of for Tom to alter […]

Ten Minute DIY Winter Wreath

I’m always so relieved when the Christmas decorations come down. After a month or more of decked halls, I love the fresh feeling you get when the boxes have finally been put away and the rugs have been vacuumed of every last pine needle and piece of glitter. But I like a little winter decorating […]

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Movies to Wrap To

There’s a specific kind of movie that shows up in my house at Christmastime. It’s the kind of movie that is set in a picturesque location and includes a charming house or even houses. The actors – from the stars to the supporting – are fabulous. It’s funny and sweet and there’s a little romance. And does […]

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Christmas Home Tour

Nester is hosting an It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to be Beautiful Christmas Tour of Homes and I’ve decided to play along. But first let me ask: Have you ever felt like you needed to plan a party at your house so it would motivate you to clean and straighten and finish a lot of […]

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Sheet Music Christmas Star

There’s a reason that I don’t do craft projects very often. When I made this sheet music star a few years back, I made a bigger mess than a roomful of preschoolers. Even my teenage son was like, “Mom, put down the glue gun.” Three years later we’re still finding glitter that I’m convinced is […]

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Christmas Porch

I realize it’s Thanksgiving week. And I try my best to fully, completely celebrate Thanksgiving before moving on to Christmas. Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday. But Thanksgiving is so late this year. And the mums on my porch were dead, dead, dead. (I’m pretty mum challenged anyway. I can never seem to get mine to bloom […]

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Fall Floral Arrangement from Yard Clippings

A year or so ago I made a resolution of sorts: I wanted to have more living plants and flowers in our home, instead of artificial. It’s been a process. Real plants are definitely more work than fake ones, and I don’t always keep them alive. But I do love having the real deal around. […]

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Fall Front Porch

Fall is my favorite season. I know that puts me in a lot of good company. Although recently I found out my dad doesn’t like fall. He finds it kind of melancholy. What? I feel like I don’t even know him anymore. One of the best parts of fall is that you can buy a […]

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