Yesterday I told you about our recent quick trip to Chicago, including an adorable little shop we found.

Today I want to share with you a few more shots of the Windy City. The iPhone picture quality isn’t great (I didn’t bring my camera with me) but I couldn’t resist snapping them anyway.

We basically ate our way through Chicago and our little group joked about how we were spending each meal planning the next. Stops included Joe’s, Shaw’s, and Ditka’s, and I can recommend them all.

But Chicago-style pizza is a must when you’re there and Giordano’s is a favorite.

Giordianos chicago

Speaking of pizza, this Italian restaurant was still decked out for fall, which I loved.

Chicago Quartino decorated for Fall

But little signs of Christmas were popping up all over the Chicago streets during our stay.

Chicago Christmas Patio

Chicago Christmas Lights

Chicago Street Christmas Lights

Chicago Street Twinkle Lights

The Christmas urns on Michigan Avenue had me thinking about what I want to do with my front porch urns for Christmas.

Chicago Michigan Avenue Christmas decorations

We got one day of heavy rain while we were there, but by the end of the day it had turned to snow. The Chicagoans weren’t thrilled but we loved it.

Here is our hotel as seen through the snow. It looks cold and it was, but no worries…I took this picture from the warmth of a Crate and Barrel.

Chicago Allerton Hotel

We’re lucky that, living in Kansas City, Chicago is easy to get to. It’s always a lot of fun.