Christmas at Our House

I finally got around to taking some pictures of our house at Christmas this year on this, the gloomiest of days.

If you were a reader of the blog last year at this time, these pictures will look very familiar as I decorated much the same. But I promise they are all new pictures.

Christmas wreath with bells

One new addition is this set of bells that I hung with the wreath on the front door. I absolutely love them.

Boxwood and Christmas greens in urn

Like last year, I added a little fresh greenery to the potted boxwoods on the porch. Seems there’s one stray fall leaf in on the action too.


Christmas Entry

Another new addition is this little live tree in a silver champagne bucket in the entry. I have this tree and one other live one on my back porch that I am determined to keep alive so I can plant them in early Spring.

Mini Christmas Tree in silver champagne bucket

Out in the living room I repeated the garland (mostly faux with a few live greens stuck in). The candles in the fireplace are there all year.

Fireplace with candles

Christmas fireplace mantle

Holy Family Christmas Figure

I added a little live greenery in with the birch logs too.

Birch logs and Christmas greenery

Fireplace Mantle with Christmas Garland

The tree in the piano room is our “pretty tree.” I almost didn’t put it up this year because I was really over decorating at that point, but I gave it a couple of days and tackled it. Mainly because the lights look so pretty through the window when we pull up to the house.

Piano room Christmas tree

The dining room got my childhood stocking and a woodland Santa (my new obsession).

Dining room at Christmas

Woodland Santa with pinecones and greenery

Out in the family room is where most of our sentimental Christmas items are.

Christmas trees in mirror reflection

Like the stockings my mother-in-law made for each of us.

Christmas mantle

And three small trees, one with the kids’ ornaments (both gifts and those they made), one with travel ornaments, and one with KU (our alma mater) ornaments.

Christmas trees and stockings

Another woodland Santa and one of the amaryllis bulbs, just about ready to bloom. (The other one didn’t grow at all…go figure.)

Woodland Santa

Our nativity set fit right into one of the shelves of the painted hutch.

Nativity set

A pillow made from Lindsey’s first grade handprints.

Christmas handprint pillow

And a little Santa under glass on an end table.

Santa under glass Christmas end table

And I put together this little vignette on the patio table again this year, because I can see it from the kitchen window over the sink.

Outdoor Christmas vignette

It makes me happy.

Cherub with silver ornament and lantern

I hope your home is full of things that make you happy too.

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  1. Julie, it’s just beautiful! So tasteful, classy, warm and welcoming. I love everything you did, especially the trees. I also love the woodland Santa and the Santa under glass…ALL of it!

    I found something this year I wonder if you’ve seen. They’re battery-powered lights I call “fairy lights.” They come on a very thin, shapeable wire, and the lights are about the size of a grain of rice. So pretty and so easy to work with no matter where you want them.

    1. Jillian, the lights on the mini tree are battery-operated and they’re pretty small but I’m not sure if they’re considered fairy lights or not. Don’t you just love adding lights to different things? It takes me 30 minutes to get to bed at night because I’m turning everything off. lol

  2. Your home is lovely! I usually put things in the exact same place, year after year…occasionally changing things up. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! 😉

    1. Same to you, Donnamae! Thanks for being such a loyal reader and commenter.

  3. Pure inspiration! I really love that you put your nativity scene in the book shelves. Mine is a set of candles painted gold, that I made several years ago,during one of my phases! I set it up on the big family Bible, opened to the Christmas story. Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas & wonderful New Year!

  4. Your home looks elegant and cozy. You always do a nice job with your decorating. I have an amaryllis growing but not flowering just yet. They can be unpredictable. Your mantel looks lovely and I love the nativity in the bookcase and the Santa under the cloche. I like the idea of the Christmas deco out on the patio table where you can see it. Normally we’re heavily coated in snow so I can’t do that but this year I could have! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too, Liz. Is has been unseasonably warm for much of us, hasn’t it?

    1. Such a nice comment. Thank you, Leslie Anne. Merry Christmas!

  5. Barb Swanson says:

    Beautiful decorations Julie! I have a handprint decoration from Grace and love how you made Lindsey’s into a pillow. Great idea! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Barb, is it the same one? Lindsey’s is from first grade. Time goes so fast!

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