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Cleaning and Organizing Products for the New Year

Amber Glass Dispensers with LabelsClear Organizing BinsGranite CleanerGlass Stovetop CleanerStainless Steel WipesWhite Microfiber Cleaning ClothsBamboo-handled Dish ScrubberZiploc Bag Storage OrganizersAffresh Disposal CleanerAffresh Dishwasher CleanerAffresh Washing Machine Cleaner

Before the holidays were even over, I began to get the cleaning and organizing itch that usually shows up at after the first of the year.

For starters, I asked for a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. I also found myself pitching things from the refrigerator and pantry as I did Christmas cooking and baking.

And finally, I placed a big Amazon order of cleaning and organizing products. I was so happy when these products started showing up.

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Amber glass dispensers with labels. I bought these to hold hand soap and hand lotion next to the kitchen sink. I was pleasantly surprised by how waterproof the labels were.

Clear organizing bins. I love the look of organizing with baskets, but the truth is that I prefer clear bins for seeing what’s inside. I ordered this set and am using them in the pantry, and also under the sink for cleaning products and supplies.

Weiman granite cleaner and disinfectant, glass stovetop cleaner, and stainless steel wipes. I love this brand so I replenished some things I was almost out of.

White microfiber cleaning cloths. We have a bunch of these in a neon yellow color, but I relegated those to the garage and bought white ones for the house.

Bamboo-handled dish scrubber. New scrub brushes for the sink.

Ziploc bag storage organizers. These catch my attention every time I see them so I took advantage of them being over 50% off.

Affresh disposal cleaner, dishwasher cleaner, and washing machine cleaner. This is a new brand to me and I’m eager to try them out. Our dishwasher, in particular, could use a good cleaning.

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  1. jerri cooper says:

    How do you like your new vacuum?

    1. It’s still in the box! I’ll try to remember to update when we’ve used it but if not, check back!

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