CTL Weekly 01.19

Happy Friday, friend! How was your week? Ours has been cold and snowy. In fact, we’ve had an especially cold and snowy January which has everyone around here from grocery store clerks to close friends saying “stay warm!” as a way of saying goodbye.

And even though weather is the most boring and basic topic of conversation, here’s my unpopular opinion: I love the winter weather. I don’t love dangerous temps and I am 100% aware that I am not someone who has to work outside (and I’m very grateful to those who do). But in general, I like the rhythm of the seasons, including winter.

So in that spirit, I’m leaning into some of my favorite things about winter. Here’s my list in progress:

  • Boots and sweaters
  • Cozy restaurants
  • Candles and fireplaces
  • Good things to watch (Tom and I have started a list of movies and series so we always have a go-to)
  • Soup + crusty bread
  • Burrowing under the covers to read
  • Coffee + Bailey’s
  • Playoff football (for at least as long as our Chiefs are alive)

Do you have any winter favorites? What would be on your list?

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Home Tour

This small Rhode Island beach cottage is a lesson in styling, but it doesn’t feel styled which is the best part. Says the (former) owner, who is a designer: “I’ll never forget when my best friend from college came to visit me at home in my parents’ house and she said, ‘Gosh, I just feel so tucked in’ and that expression surmises how I’ve always aspired a home to be.” Don’t you love that?

Currently Loving

I’ve never been to Seattle but if I ever get to go I’ll probably get off the plane and head straight to Ted Kennedy Watson’s shops. Besides being a shopkeeper, Ted is also an author. His first book is a favorite of mine and I’m enjoying his book on entertaining just as much. Reading Ted’s books is like having a conversation with a (very smart, very stylish) friend.

This Pennsylvania garden seems like it was made for winter. From the article: “There is a simple beauty in the period of hibernation,” Leslie says. “It requires a more intense focus, and I always look forward to it.” She adds that her goal is for the landscape to be as meaningful when viewed from the comfort and warmth indoors as it is when you venture out into the snow.

More to Explore

A guide to Julia Child’s Paris. This will be especially interesting if you’ve read Julia’s My Life in France, which is wonderful by the way.

38 slow cooker soups from Southern Living.

Here’s our favorite slow cooker soup at the moment. I love the unexpected beans as an ingredient. (I keep containers like these on hand to send home soup and other leftovers with my family.)

If you’re inspired by English interiors, here’s a portfolio for you to check out.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay warm!

P.S. Six mysteries for winter and winter urns.

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  1. My list of favorite things about winter is pretty much your list! Except for the football team- GO BILLS

    1. Oh no! Well, one of us will be happy come Sunday.

  2. Love all these things too Julie!
    Go Chiefs!

  3. I have followed Watson Kennedy for several years now, and just love his website, his style. I read about that Maine cottage in one of my magazines recently, but can’t remember which one (House Beautiful?). And that garden…..{sigh}
    Another really good week of CTL. Thank you, Julie!

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