CTL Weekly 02.09

Happy Friday! How was your week? Do you have big plans for the weekend? Valentine’s Day?

We have a certain football game on Sunday that we’re very invested in, and Tom made dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day but when Lindsey asked if we were free to watch Madeline we jumped to cancel that reservation and make another for lunch. We can’t get enough of her.

Here’s what I saved to share with you this week.

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With Mardi Gras next week I’ve had New Orleans on my mind and I’m remembering how the late Julia Reed’s New Orleans apartment (and everything else she touched) is such a source of inspiration.

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt was our book club pick for last month and I had zero interest in reading it based on the synopsis but I really liked it and so did everyone else in my (big) book club. It generated a lot of discussion too. Have you read it? If not, just trust me.

The New York Public Library book train is equal parts fascinating and charming.

How cute and classic are these block print placemats sold on Amazon? They’re 100% cotton, made in India, come in sets of 4 or 8, and in lots of colors and patterns. This basil green is my favorite.

Five classic ways to display family photos.

An English country flower and boot room. (Should we all start calling our mud rooms that?)

Thirty ways to make your garden look older. (I’ve actually thought about trying the buttermilk trick.)

A two-story home library that holds 6000 books.

Ina’s Valentine’s Day menu.

The teak shower bench we love is on sale.

The New Look drops on Valentine’s Day and it looks interesting. Will you be watching?

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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  1. I so look forward to your CTL Weekly, Julie. Those placemats remind me of that Boho tablecloth you shared a couple months (?) ago, love the patterns. Wish I had a boot & flower room, but my garage has a sink, and a door that steps right into my garden – next best thing, lol. Great article on making a garden look older. Happy Friday. Go Chiefs!

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