CTL Weekly 02.23

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you had a good week. It’s such a cliche, but can you believe how fast the year is going? I told Tom last night that it felt like it was just Christmas, and now here we are with March right around the corner.

Here’s a little of what’s been going on with us, according to my iPhone.

Grant is a homeowner! That middle balcony on the right is his condo and we’re thrilled for him. He’s living in Southmoreland just north of the art institute, which is an amazing part of KC. I was only vaguely aware of this neighborhood before now and I am looking forward to spending more time there. Lucky Grant – lol.

Tom, Grant, and I grabbed brunch at Westport Cafe on Superbowl Sunday. Tom declared his eggs Benedict the best he’s ever had and here’s something fun: they were playing old movies (My Best Friend’s Wedding and Sixteen Candles) above the bar.

Tom and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with lunch because we were babysitting Madeline that evening. We went to Earl’s Premier, a place we’ve been wanting to try. The menu is New England-inspired seafood; Tom had the shrimp po’boy and I had the crispy cod sandwich – both great. I’m looking forward to going back for their frozen cocktails in the summer. (I’ve added both of these spots to the CTL Kansas City Guide, by the way.)

I made muffins for the big people on Valentine’s Day and wrapped up a little something for Madeline. The gift tags and wrapping paper are from JSH Home Essentials and the bakery boxes and ribbon came from Amazon. The muffins were from mixes (cinnamon crumb and blueberry streusel) but were great. Grant even texted me to say he needed the recipes.

And here’s a little pic of Madeline, just because. I can’t get enough of her.

Here’s what I saved to share with you this week.

An antique-filled South Carolina home.

I love this Dutch art historian’s Instagram account.

From Portland, OR to New Jersey, 15 places in the U.S. to see Cherry Blossoms this Spring.

Another take on bookshelf wealth. Plus a look at how one small space dweller decides which books to keep and which to pass on.

I bought these seagrass boxes with lids to store some things in my office. I went with the coffee color but there are four others to choose from.

What to bring when the host says don’t bring anything.

How to embrace the collected style.

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  1. Madeline is such a sweetie pie. I love her little lips. Congratulations to Grant on his condo purchase! Thanks for another CTL weekly. Always fun to peruse.

    1. Thank you, Rita! I appreciate you reading. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. What a darling little princess! I know she just changes everything! I love your highlights this week – we’ve stayed at the Truitt, which is in your son’s neighborhood. So charming!
    We tried Earl’s Premier over Christmas break – delicious – and your Westport Café pictures look so tempting. Thank you for shining a light on such special treats in our city!

    1. Love hearing about all your KC adventures, Lori! It’s such a wonderful town. Thanks for your comment.

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