CTL Weekly 03.08

Happy Friday, friends. I hope your week went well.

A week ago today I left my house early to go to an estate sale, something I do regularly, but not nearly as often as you would think based on the number of estate sale finds you’ll find around our home.

You can get really interesting things at estate sales and sometimes good deals (and ideally both), but it’s not the most convenient way to shop. At all. Case in point: a photo I took while standing in line in the cold, waiting for the sale to open.

For that reason, I only go when there is at least one big thing or several little things that I’m interested in, and even then I have to be in the mood. Those stars aligned last week so I thought it might be fun to share what I found.

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Block print table runner. Block prints are a favorite of mine and this one had never been used. I Googled the label when I got home and my search took me here (pretty stuff) and the runner is still being sold. This fell into the good deal category and, while I think the length is a little short for my dining room table, I will love using this outside on the patio.

Sur La Table Creme Brulee Dishes. I didn’t know that these were creme brulee dishes when I picked them up but I did think they’d be fun for individual desserts. Again, they’re still being sold at Sur La Table so another good deal. (Also, Sur La Table, if you’re reading, please come back to KC.)

Paris street scene art. This is a vintage framed print printed on board. I loved the muted colors and when I did a Google image search I learned it was ‘The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning’ by the impressionist painter Camille Pissarro. The original is at The Met in NYC, another painting I might have to visit along with my skating minister. This painting is one of those in the public domain so you can buy inexpensive digital downloads or prints of it.

Cocktail glasses. I went to this sale in part because of these glasses as Tom had told me that we needed some lowball/Old Fashioned/rocks-type glasses for our friends who are whiskey drinkers and these are exactly what I had in mind. I can’t tell the difference between cut glass and crystal, but based on the price of these I’m assuming they’re glass. Etsy has lots of pretty sets similar to these.

Vintage framed etching. This was another thing I went specifically for as we have two similar prints in our bedroom and I wanted to add a third. Again, Etsy has many framed etchings.

Classical Shindig. This book and its authors, two New Orleans concert pianists who also throw elaborate parties, were completely new to me but what a gems. I always check the books at sales and lucky finds like this one are why.

Here are a few other things I saved to share with you this week.

This week’s house tour has us back on the southern coast of England at The Flint House. There’s a wonderful Instagram account too.

Brian Branton, who is famous on IG for his Christmas decor, is selling his 1808 Alexandria, VA townhouse. He shared the real estate listing (in case you’re in the market ;)). Here’s his new project and it’s going to be fun to watch him work his magic.

I loved Ina Garten’s tribute to Julia Child in honor of International Women’s Day.

This clip of Jon Batiste translating Beethoven to other musical genres is fascinating. I wish he had gone on longer.

JSH’s Easter collection is out and the wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags are gorgeous. I especially love this Spring Meadow paper.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Go Julie! I love your estate sale pickups! We have one host who, since Covid, has been hosting her sales online. You just have to be fast to checkout to get what you want. She hosted one last week and I got lots of great items (many which I will keep rather than sell). My girlfriend is currently negotiating to buy the house! And that’s how we ended up buying this house we’re currently in. I went to pickup my online purchase and looked at the house and went home to tell my husband about it. So, be careful, lol.

    1. That is so cool, Rita! My in-laws bought their house that way back in the day too.

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