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Years ago, eight years in fact, while Grant was studying abroad in Rome, he bought me this map from an elderly gentleman on a sidewalk outside an antique store somewhere in Italy. (The details are a little fuzzy at this point; he thinks it might have been in Sorrento, although he does remember that the man spoke almost no English.)

In any event, Grant carried it home at the end of the semester, and I loved it immediately. It appears to be a military map of a region of southwest Italy, including the Island of Capri. It has a raised stamp on the bottom, which is definitely my favorite part, besides the fact that Grant thought to get it for me in the first place.

It’s taken me all this time to frame it, partly because I misplaced it for a while. But it recently turned back up, so I sent it off to Framebridge before I could lose it again. This is the third time I’ve used Framebridge, and I really do like how easy the process is. This frame is the Florence, but I’ve also used the Bali and Frederick styles. I used the cream linen mat all three times.

All that’s left to decide is where to hang it. I’ve been thinking about doing a little gallery wall in our powder room, so it may be headed there. I’ll keep you posted!

Here is what I saved to share with you this week…

House Tour

A new-ish Nantucket cottage that feels like it’s been there for generations.

From the article: Her family had been renting summer properties on the island for a couple of years and had no interest in a ships-ahoy-style beach house. “I envisioned us here in the off-season,” she notes, “and I wanted our place to feel cozy and layered.”

What I’m Loving

An artist’s studio in the Massachusetts Berkshires.

With potting season coming up, I treated myself to this handsome, sturdy garden scoop from the English brand Kent and Lowe. I love how large it is (much bigger than a standard trowel) for moving potting soil from bag to pot.

On my Radar

Things to enrich The Master’s viewing this weekend.

Follow the Master’s hole-by-hole, including the stats, story, name (each is named after a tree or shrub planted there), map, aerial flyover, and a photo gallery on that hole over the years.

The Azalea: the unofficial drink of the Master’s

Masters of the Green: The Black Caddies of Augusta National From the article: “For almost fifty years, they carried the bags of golf legends but also masterminded victories from the tees to the holes. Then, with one decision, their lives shifted, and the legacy of their glory days went unheralded. Finally, that’s changing.”

More to Explore

101 ideas for making and maintaining friendships. This is a wonderful list of thoughtful and specific examples.

Perfect moment syndrome. From the article: “Over the course of three weeks, we drove from Puglia to Umbria, marveling at ancient olive trees, plunging ourselves into the sea after dawn and weaning the baby on sweet tomatoes. I posted photographs of deserted hilltop towns and peachy sunrises on Instagram. What I didn’t disclose quite as publicly was how badly the baby slept in an endless parade of travel cots, or how my postnatal anxiety would pop up like an unwelcome mosquito or the fact I dinked the car on a particularly tight hairpin bend in Tuscany.”

Why Are (Most) Sofas So Bad? Very informative, and a little depressing.

In praise of ceiling-high bookshelves (plus a little bookshelf history). This entire Instagram account is fun and informative!

The Bar Is (Almost) Always the Best Seat in the House. Tom and I are big fans of eating at the bar so this really struck a chord with me.

I hope you have a good weekend!

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