CTL Weekly 06.14

On Wednesday, Tom and I went to an event put on by our favorite independent bookstore where Doris Kearns Goodwin was interviewed about her new book, An Unfinished Love Story: A Personal History of the 1960s. You no doubt know of Doris, (the renowned) historian and presidential biographer. Her new book covers the 60s as she and her late husband, Dick Goodwin, a presidential aide and speechwriter to JFK and LBJ, experienced it.

I can’t wait to read the book because I’m so interested in 1960s history (I was born in late 1964, so almost at the halfway point) and because the book is part history, part memoir. Doris calls the unpacking of Dick’s 300 boxes of letters, diaries, and memorabilia the couple’s “last great adventure,” as they undertook it at the end of his life. This book is the result of that.

By the way, if you ever get the chance to hear Doris speak, take it! She’s so interesting and entertaining.

After the event, we shared a salad and a burger on the patio of a nearby restaurant, and I have to say that we’ve become fans of weeknight date nights. It’s fun to steal some time during the week instead of cramming everything into busy weekends.

Here’s more of what I saved to share with you this week…

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Lonny editor Michelle Adams is doing a ten-part series on the renovation of her Michigan ranch home, and the most recent installment is the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The before-and-afters are amazing.

38 American beach towns that look like Europe. What a great list. Which ones have you been to?

It’s tabletop Tiki torch season again. I shared these in IG stories last year and got lots of “where did you get those?” questions. Here’s another style.

Small outdoor space inspirations.

Do you ever think fondly of those library summer reading programs for kids? The National Book Foundation has a summer reading adventure that both kids and adults can take part in.

The new Presumed Innocent series with Jake Gyllenhaal came out on AppleTV this week. Do you remember reading the book back in the 80’s or seeing the Harrison Ford movie?

I was excited to see that this woven tote bag I picked up at Marshall’s was on the website so I could share it with you guys. Actually, the Marshall’s online handbag selection isn’t bad.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. What a great weekend report! Your bag is cute, love the tiki torches, and I’ve saved the link from the renovation shopping list. We’ve been to ten of those beach towns on various vacations. It’s fun to see them comparable to European beach towns. And right now I’m in my 3rd year of working to make a small garden a nice space in our cottage home.
    Let us know your take on the book after you’ve read it! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you, Rita! And ten of those beach towns…wow!

  2. Looking forward to reading Ms Goodwin’s book!

  3. Lori Withers says:

    I look forward to these so much! And I’m lucky to be in the KC area, so I can check out your local recommendations! Have you been to Vivilore (in Independence, my stomping ground)? My friend and her brother owned this treasure, with incredible garden courtyard, for over a decade. They recently sold it, but the charm remains— a treat for lunch or dinner.

    1. Lori, no I never have! Thanks so much for the suggestion.

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