CTL Weekly 06.21

On Monday night, we had a family dinner celebrating Father’s Day (a day late) and Grant’s birthday (a few days early).

I have a confession to make about this cake. Grant requested a red velvet cake, which I told him was a Christmas cake, so he pivoted to carrot cake. I felt so guilty (It was his birthday! and I had asked what kind of cake he wanted!), so I pivoted back to red velvet. I grabbed a boxed mix at the grocery store, used buttermilk instead of water, and made the cream cheese frosting from this recipe.

Also, I’ve never been great at frosting layer cakes so this is my new method: frosting between the layers, frosting on top, and skip the sides. It’s so much easier and somehow looks a little fancier?

Okay, enough about cakes…

Here’s what I saved to share with you this week:

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I’m in love with the photos in this profile of designer Meredith Ellis (including a dining room/library combo).

What it’s really like to be a book stylist. So interesting…I had no idea.

This is the dress I’m throwing on over and over this summer. Very comfortable and it’s over 50% off right now, although I think it’s going fast. (Here are the slides I’m wearing all the time too.)

A guide to Elin Hilderbrand’s novels in chronological order (although you don’t have to read them that way, IMO).

Speaking of Elin, if you’re headed to Nantucket soon (lucky!), here are Boston Magazine’s picks for the 12 best restaurants there. I recognize a number of them from her books.

The views from this loft in downtown Petoskey, MI!

I made this “been around forever’ salad dressing a while back, and Tom was like, “Oh my gosh, this dressing is so good!” Lol! This version comes with a little cruet that I use all the time for homemade dressings of all types. It has little lines on the bottle for the oil, vinegar, and water (it’s the little things!).

In case you missed it: 3 cool things.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. Classic home design books and more CTL Weekly posts.

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