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How is your weekend going? Tom and I are having a quiet weekend at the lake doing nothing more than hanging at the pool, watching fireworks from the deck, grilling all the meats, and I’m reading Elin Hilderbrand’s Swan Song, which is absolutely everything you’d want in a Hilderbrand summer read (her last).

Speaking of the lake, last summer my sister-in-law (who is a frequent and experienced lakegoer) bought me some Turkish beach towels and told me I’d love them because of how fast-drying they are, how little room they take up in your beach bag, and how they can double as a sarong when you don’t want to bother with a coverup. They’d be so easy to pack in a suitcase too.

She has completely converted me!

The ones she gave me seem similar to these, but an Amazon search turns up dozens to pick from in every possible color.

On the blog this week…

These were two posts that hit the blog this week. If you’re a subscriber to the blog (you can sign up here!), you received the Beacon Hill Books post via email. I opted not to email the second post because I’m trying to respect your inboxes. All new blog posts will always be linked here in the Friday email, though, so that’s definitely the one to open each week.

A tour of Boston’s Beacon Hill Books.

Three books about living with and decorating with books.

Here’s more of what I saved to share with you this week…

A Hemingway-inspired 1920s home in Palm Beach.

How to stock a French pantry. What one American learned from her French husband’s family.

Emily Henry sells a LOT of books without book tours or TikTok.

If fonts were fashion. So funny and creative.

The 33 best Sauvignon Blancs from Food and Wine. I know nothing about wine except what I like, but I’m on a little Sauvignon Blanc kick this summer so I’m bookmarking this article. I really appreciate that the suggestions are broken down by price.

I’m so intrigued by the description of Lucy Foley’s The Midnight Feast: “It’s the opening night of The Manor, the newest and hottest luxury resort, and no expense, small or large, has been spared. The infinity pool sparkles; the “Manor Mule” cocktail (grapefruit, ginger, vodka, and a dash of CBD oil) is being poured with a heavy hand. Everyone is wearing linen. But under the burning midsummer sun, darkness stirs. Old friends and enemies circulate among the guests. Just outside the Manor’s immaculately kept grounds, an ancient forest bristles with secrets. And it’s not too long before the local police are called. Turns out the past has crashed the party, with deadly results.”

You can take 50% off your entire purchase at Talbot’s this weekend. A few of my favorite Talbot’s purchases this year: these navy gingham crops, and two embroidered tunic-type tops: this one in gauze (the red is so pretty) and this cotton top in pool blue, another great color.

P.S. So we bought a lake place and Eating, Reading & Wearing.

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  1. Hemingway inspired?Such a delicious, deliberate,delight! Oh my!

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