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Easy Cloth Napkin Folding: A Step by Step in Pictures

Several years back I did an internet search for napkin folding techniques and printed off a bunch of them. But this is the one I came back to again and again.

Napkin Folding Title

I think I like it because it adds some height to the place setting. Plus, it’s really easy to do.

Once I get on a roll, I can do a whole table of 8 to 10 place settings in just a few minutes.

The fold is designed for square napkins, but as you’ll see, your napkin doesn’t have to be perfectly square for this to work.

1.Begin by opening the napkin up in front of you, with the back side showing.

Napkin 9

2. Fold the lower left corner up to meet the opposite corner. If the napkin isn’t square, fold it as far as it will go.

Napkin 8

3. Rotate the napkin so it’s a triangle, with the open end at the top.

Napkin 7

4. Fold the lower right point  up to meet the top point of the triangle.

Napkin 6

5. Repeat with the lower left point of the triangle, folding it to meet the top point.

Napkin 4

7. Carefully flip the entire napkin over and towards you, so that the back side is now the front side, and the point that was the farthest from you is now closest to you.

Napkin 3

8. Fold the top point of the napkin down to meet the bottom point.

Napkin 1

9. Then stand the napkin up by folding it along the center and bringing the two back points of the triangle closer together.

Napkin titleTa-da!

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  1. Special napkin folds are on top of my list of ways to make a table special and it takes so little effort to create such punch.

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