Easy Silver Polishing CreatingThisLife.comI love silver, but I hate polishing it.

Can I get an amen?

So in the spirit of silver sisterhood (no offense to any silver-loving brothers who might be reading; the alliteration just isn’t as good ;)), I want to share with you the silver polishing shortcut that I use.

It’s a set and forget type of silver polishing.

It’s like the Crockpot of silver polishing.

These pictures are of one my favorite silver pieces ever: a champagne bucket that I found for $10 at an estate sale.

In the garage of all places.

The men were out there picking through rakes and half-full bags of fertilizer and I was like “Excuse me. Pardon me. I’m just trying to get to that dusty silver thing over there on that shelf.”

My (very) limited silver knowledge told me that this piece was probably silverplated, and that was fine for my purposes.

I’m not a collector; I just like pretty things.

Silver Polishing Before at CreatingThisLife.com

But sometimes pretty things need little makeovers. And that’s where the silver polishing shortcut comes in.

Here’s what you need:

  • A plastic tub
  • Aluminum foil
  • Baking soda
  • Hot water

And here are the steps:

Line the tub with a layer of aluminum foil and cover the bottom with baking soda. (If your sink isn’t a metal sink of some sort, you can do this right in the sink. Mine is stainless, so I use a tub.)

Silver Polishing with Baking Soda at CreatingThisLife.com

Place the silver item in the tub and add super hot water. Boiling even.

If you’re using this method for multiple pieces of silver at the same time – say silverware – just make sure that a part of each piece of silver is touching the aluminum foil in some way.

Silver Polishing Steps at CreatingThisLife.com

Let the item(s) sit until the water cools. While this is happening, you can go on with your fabulous life.

When you come back, you will see that tarnish has transferred from the silver to the aluminum foil. Very cool! Shouldn’t this be taught in science classes or something?

Silver Polishing Shortcut at CreatingThisLife.com

This particular piece clearly hadn’t been cleaned or polished in a long time, so I repeated the baking soda/boiling water process several times.

Silver Polishing After at CreatingThisLife.com

The result was much improved, and I could have called it good, but in this case I finished it off with a little bit of silver polish to give it a bit more shine. That went quickly because the hard work had already been done.

Silver Polishing Shortcut

One of the things I love about a silver champagne bucket/urn/trophy cup is that it can be used for so many different things.

There’s champagne, of course. Or wine.

I originally used mine for little pots of flowers, like these mums.

easy silver polishing

And after our kitchen remodel, I put it to work as a utensil holder.

Kitchen Utensil Holder at CreatingThisLife.com

This is my favorite way to use it, since it takes ordinary things (wooden spoons, pizza cutters, kitchen shears) and fancies them up.

But it’s been nearly a year since I started using it this way and it was starting to look like a quick spiffing up was in order.

Here’s a before pic:

Easy Silver Polishing Before at CreatingThisLife.com

And another:

Silver Polishing Shortcut Before at CreatingThisLIfe.com

See? Still pretty, just looking a little neglected.

So I pulled out the aluminum foil and baking soda and soon had this.

Silver Utensil Holder at CreatingThisLife.com

A final little buff with a jewelry polishing cloth and she’s back at work.

Silver Kitchen Utensil Holder at CreatingThisLife.com

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