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Estate Sale Silverplate

mismatched silverplate placesetting

Last Saturday I had plans to get up early and hit a couple of estate sales.

But as so often happens with me, I chose to sleep in instead. (If only they held estate sales at night…I could make a midnight start time much easier than an 8am one.)

Still, once I was up I decided to quickly get ready and head out to one of the sales in the Brookside area of KC, just to see the house more than anything else. (Getting to go through cool houses is one of the best reasons to go to estate sales.)

Because I was late, I wasn’t expecting to find anything, but I stumbled on a big box of silverware (mostly silverplate I believe) that they were selling by the piece.

I picked through it and chose 15 or so pieces. When I got them home, they looked like this.

Unpolished silverplate

But after my using my silver cleaning for lazy people method and giving them a quick buff with an old (i.e. soft) dishcloth, they looked like this.

polished estate sale silverplate

I continue to be amazed what a good soak in baking soda and hot water can do. I didn’t use any silver polish on these, and while I’m sure a bit of polish would make them even shinier, this will do just fine for me.

Even though these pieces are all mismatched (which I love) I chose them because they all had a similar feel to them.

First of all, they’re all large, heavy pieces.

beaded silverplate spoons

A lot of vintage silverware is smaller than we’re used to – dainty even. I like the size of these.

vintage engraved silverplate forks

Many of the pieces are engraved too.

antique engraved silver plate dinner forks

And these aren’t delicate patterns. They’re crowns and crests and even a knight in armor on the one knife I bought.

secondhand silverplate placesetting detail

Some of the pieces have monograms on them.

monogrammed silverplate spoons

I love monogrammed silverware, even (especially?) when the monogram isn’t my own.

vintage monogrammed silver plate dinner forks

I can’t wait to set a table with these. Luckily, it’s Easter weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend. And if you’ll be celebrating Easter, I hope yours is beautiful and blessed.


  1. Kim Jones says:

    Where do you find the estate sales? KC Star?

    1. Kim, EstateSales.net. It’s a great site.

    1. I do too, Ellen. Pottery Barn and Horchow even sell sets of silverware that are purposely mismatched.

  2. Love the look of all these glorious pieces. Love mixing and matching them for a relaxed chic look.

    1. Thank you, Mimi. Another vote for mismatching!

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