Everything Looks Better When You Put it on a Tray

I’m not sure when I figured this out (it took me years), but once I did, I really ran with it.

kitchen table tray

Daffodils at CreatingThisLife.com

Kitchen utsensil holders

dining room tray

Patio table decor at CreatingThisLife.com

Kitchen coffee station

Bar cart styling

kitchen tray

bathroom shelf


Outdoor Christmas decorations

Candle snuffer will bell jar candleThis little trick just works.

I use it for pretty, housewarming stuff like candles, books, and flowers. And I also use it for that thing I love most: putting things we use everyday on display.

Like Marni Jameson says:

Marni Jameson quote

I wonder if she would mind if I added: and put it on a tray.

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