Fall Blog Rewind

Warning: If you’re still hanging onto the last bit of summer by your fingernails, you’re going to want to skip this post. Fall lovers, however, proceed with absolutely no caution.

We have the most gorgeous, fall-like temps in KC today. I have all the windows open, I’m wearing a sweatshirt (!) and I’m pretending that this is not just the weather tease that it really is.

I’m also indulging in a look back at the CTL blog posts from the last two falls and these photos are from my favorites. Some are from trips we’ve taken (we seem to have traveled a lot in the fall the last few years) and some are from around my house.

The post each picture came from is linked below it in case you’re feeling like indulging in a little fall today too.

Naperville Stone House

Naperville, Pretty Houses, and Resale Shop Plates

front porch

Fall Front Porch


Mary Carol Garrity Home Tour Part 1


Mary Carol Garrity Home Tour Part 2

Fall Yard Clippings Arrangement at CreatingThisLife.com

Fall Floral Arrangement from Yard Clippings

Honeycrisp apples in white colander

Fall Touches

georgetown doorway green

A Walk Through D.C.: Doorways of Georgetown

Apple Cider Sangria Recipe

Apple Cider Sangria

POSH Chicago Thanksgiving window displays

Catching Up

Downtown Oak Park Illinois

A Fall House Walk Through Oak Park, IL

Thanksgiving Table with Friendly Village Dishes

Thanksgiving Table

Something about fall just energizes me and I am so ready. Who’s with me?


  1. Julie, I am completely with you! We live in Southern California, and around the latter part of August I start yearning for cooler fall weather. Unfortunately, the wait for cooler weather here is looooong. Even in October I have to be cautious my outdoor pumpkins aren’t getting too warm, and the mums get plenty of water. However, that doesn’t stop me one bit!

    From one fall lover to another, thanks for this post!

    1. You are so welcome, Jillian. Thanks for your comment. And I hope fall comes soon for you.

  2. I’m inspired!!! Altho I am holding on to the last days of summer. Have a good one!

    1. Katie, if I lived where you live I’d be hanging on too. Such beautiful summers there!

  3. I’m inspired too. I’ve started to remove some annuals that are done and adding mums. It’s a beautiful time of the year!

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