Favorite Estate Sale Finds

Last Saturday Tom and I went to an estate sale which turned out to be a great one. I shared pictures of what I bought in my Instagram stories (I saved them in a highlight called Estate Finds) but here are my favorites.

Twelve brand new, block print, cloth napkins.

Here are the backs. So pretty.

Two custom made pillows with feather inserts. I suspect these came from Nell Hills. I’d like to use these in a bedroom as the starting point for all the bedding.

And this lamp which, when I find the right shade for it, will be perfect for the lake.

It’s been many months since I’ve been to an estate sale, in part due to COVID but also because I tend to go in spurts with estate sale shopping. I knew this one was worth making time for though because I have signed up for notifications through EstateSale.net, which every day sends an email with sales that are starting the next day in your area.

Most of the estate sale companies post pictures of the items that will be for sale so you can get a feel for whether a sale is worth your time or not. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a sale looking for a specific item that was pictured and have come home with that exact item.

Even going to sales sporadically, over time I’ve collected lots of interesting items for our home. Here are some of my favorite finds.

I found three of these custom toile pillows in one of my favorite colors at an estate sale. Again, I believe these might have come from Nell Hills.

You can often find interesting lamps at estate sales. This one sits on this chest in our entryway. The chest is another favorite estate sale find.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting artwork at sales, and even better if it’s vintage. The picture above hangs in our entryway.

This framed poster hangs in my office.

I was thrilled to find this silverplate bucket, which is simpler and less fussy than most I see, at a sale. If you look closely you can see it is monogrammed with an ‘M’ which is the first initial in our last name, but I’ll buy monograms whether they’re ours or not.

Do you shop estate sales? What do you like to buy?

P.S. Mix and match bedding and what I’m loving right now.



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  1. You are a savvy shopper! Yes, I LOVE shopping estate sales, and that is my primary source (that and auctions of estates) for resale items. Your napkins are gorgeous, as are all the other finds you’ve shown. I just sold a vintage champagne bucket with accompanying floor stand over Christmas (2 pieces). I had quite a collection of those buckets going, but was happy to pare them down to let others re-love them. In our area, I’ve selectively gone to estate sales that were by appt during COVID. A couple other hosts in our area sold via listings online and then offered p/up by appt. That’s a lot of work for the hosts, but sure made the experience better this past year.

    1. I love the sale by appointment idea, Rita. What a great way to keep sales happening and allowing people to feel safe.

  2. Diane Watterson says:

    Had to laugh when I saw the picture of your weekend estate sale finds. I had asked my daughter to buy the pillows. She told me they were gone but the nicest woman and her husband bought them! She was in line with you to check out. It really is a small world 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh are you kidding? That’s amazing.

  3. Mary Jeffers says:

    Julie, where did you get your monogrammed pillows?

    1. I got them years ago through Gramercy Linens but I’m not sure they carry them anymore. I would try Etsy for something similar!

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