Last month I picked up a framed, vintage English poster at an estate sale.

Office Artwork

Artwork like this is why I continue to go to estate sales and walk the aisles of antique malls. You never know when you’re going to happen on something unique for your home.

Framed English Vintage Poster

This piece appealed to me because I’m a sucker for words and typeface and I loved reading all the details of this church event.

I wondered if the poster itself might be a reproduction. The label on the back told me that, even if that was the case, it was still framed quite a while ago and in England. I loved that bit of detail.

Poster label

Secondhand artwork

I hung the poster in my office. And that framed poster you can see in the hallway is part of a group of three that I bought at another estate sale.

Framed Gallery Posters

They’re all framed art exhibit posters (more typeface!). I originally thought they might go in our bedroom, but they worked much better on this hallway wall, which has always been empty. They give new meaning to the term ‘gallery wall.”

I hope you’re finding interesting things in your travels.

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