Five Favorite Spaces

Do you spend much time on Pinterest? Lately, it feels like I’ve rediscovered it. I’ve been deleting some of the old things I’ve pinned, saving newer discoveries, and watching how my feed changes as I do. The algorithm is good!

I use Pinterest for lots of things, including homes and decor of course. Here are five of my favorite spaces right now.

What I love: glossy blue paint, brass lights, shelves full of books, and antelope print rug.

What I love: cabinets that feel like furniture in a moody color, showing off the dishes, marble countertops, and orchids in blue and white.

Source Unknown

What I love: rich wood armoire, white ginger jars, green velvet fabric on the chair, and gold bamboo-style frames with big mats.

What I love: ticking fabric on chairs, cabinet full of books, eclectic art all the way to the ceiling, and the peek of branches.

What I love: narrow wood table, french doors, sisal rug, and more branches(!).

P.S. Soulful spaces and more soulful spaces.

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  1. Thank you so much, for loving real books, clearly actually read, treasured and saved, in homes that honor them. And for sharing homes that don’t look like someone went to Target and bought a bunch of trendy stuff that kinda goes together.
    So many blogs show books ripped apart for some bizarre artsy display, or all wrapped in craft paper and used to stand a vase of flowers on. Argh!
    I loved all the homes you shared here.
    Thanks again!

  2. Love all these spaces! Thanks for sharing. You always have something inspiring Julie!

  3. Beautiful choices! I echo nearly every “love” in these photos. So many things that show a real life, not just a display.
    PS— have you tried Tailleur restaurant here in KC? The food is wonderful but the space is AMAZING

    1. Lori, I haven’t been there but I hear good things! I’ll put it on my list.

  4. Oh I agree! These are beautiful spaces. Could enjoy each and every one of them.

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