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Happy Friday!

Are you hosting something this summer? If you are (or think you might like to) let me call your attention to this post by Myquillyn Smith (better known as The Nester).


She writes about hosting a summer gathering in a way that’s less Pinterest perfect and more get the big stuff right and then let it happen. 

Or as she says: “If I can provide a place that has food, comfort and fun, people can relax and connect. Isn’t that what getting together is all about?!”

Yes. Yes, it is. I never get tired of this kind of message.

Here are a few other things I bookmarked this week to share with you:

  • I appreciated the information in this post about how long to keep leftover wine (I’m always wondering about that), and I really loved the idea of buying wine for a special occasion (a birth, a wedding) and saving it to open years down the road.
  • I am definitely making this salad this summer. I think it could be dinner all by itself.
  • And this tour of a U.S. Army Captain’s apartment in Washington, D.C. inspired me. A West Point grad who wears fatigues, has been deployed and works at the Pentagon, but sings the praises of her blue Ikat sofa? I love it when people are full of surprises.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Hi Julie!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is GREAT!!! I have spent the past half hour reading some of your old posts. What a great list of books that your book club chose! I don’t need to read the “leftover wine” post because we never have any left over!! Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you’re having great weather in KC!

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