Four Things I’m Loving Right Now

ONE | Ralph Lauren’s new book

Ralph Lauren has a new book out and it. is. stunning. Ralph Lauren A Way of Living: Homes, Lifestyles, Inspiration looks at Ralph’s homes (Montauk, Colorado, Bedford, Jamaica, New York City), lifestyles (estate, safari, romance, western, bohemian, country, seaside, nautical, Adirondack, downtown, uptown), and the history of the Ralph Lauren Home brand. This is not your average coffee book; it’s 544 pages of big (mostly full-page), beautiful photographs. I created an IG reel about it if you’d like a look inside.

TWO | Green and Blue Block Print Tablecloth

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When I opened this pretty green and blue block print tablecloth from Amazon I squealed a little bit because it was so pretty. It’s been in and out of stock but is available at the time I’m writing this. Things I love: it’s handprinted in India and is both fair trade and fair wage. The fabric is also pre-shrunk.

THREE | Spotify playlists

I was on the hunt for music for my birthday dinner with my family when I stumbled on this dinner party jazz playlist at Spotify. It was exactly the relaxed, classic vibe I was looking for. I also put together a playlist for our recent baby shower and that was really fun to do. Here it is in case you have a baby shower in your future!

FOUR | Julia Child’s My Life in France.

I recently read Julia Child’s memoir about her time in France and I was completely taken by it. So much so that after I was done reading (and listening to) my library copies, I ordered a copy to keep for myself. The descriptions of ex-pat life in post-war Paris were fascinating, and Julia lived with such curiosity and confidence. She called France her “spiritual homeland” which is such a lovely concept. Do you have a place you feel that way about?

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P.S. Five fun home finds and weekend links: Julia Child edition.

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  1. I love so many of the things you love, Julie. I have the first RL book (I see it’s now a 50 yr anniversary edition), and I want that new book, thank you. And that tablecloth! Your table looks fantastic. Also, I haven’t looked at all, but I love your jazz playlist! Melody Gardot, Diana Krall are a couple whose cds I own. I saw an Argentine tango to the music of DK’s California Dreamin’ – wow, so sensual! I listen to smooth jazz on Pandora, but may get a Spotify acct just to listen to this and your other playlists. Thanks so much!

    1. We do have a lot in common, Rita! Thanks for your comment.

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