Getting Scratches Off White Dishes

Getting scratches off of white plates at CreatingThisLife.com

I love white dishes.

I mean, I’ve established the lengths I’ll go to for dishes in general.

But, oh my, how I especially love white dishes.

steakhouse plates

First of all, they go with everything. Every season, every holiday, every menu, and every table setting.

And since different patterns and styles of white dishes looked great mixed together, you can go crazy buying individual pieces all willy nilly.

Also, food looks great on white dishes, which is why restaurants use them.

But just like white blouses and white sofas and white cars, white dishes aren’t always the most practical.

Because dishes sometimes scratch, and if those dishes are white dishes, every scratch will show.

Which is why I took note a year or so ago when I ran across a tip on Pinterest recommending Bar Keepers Friend for removing scratches from dishes.

white plates before

Bar Keepers Friend is a cleanser that you can find at grocery stores and Target/Walmart type places. You can also buy it on Amazon (that’s my referral link).

I tried the powdered form of Bar Keepers Friend (it comes in a liquid form too) on my dishes and it worked like a dream.

White Plates After

And before our kitchen remodel I had white laminate countertops (oh how I don’t miss those) and I used it to get marks off of those too.

But even with those countertops gone, I still keep Bar Keepers Friend around just for dish de-scratching purposes.

Of course as you use the dishes the scratches will return, and for day-to-day use I don’t worry about that.

But for holidays and dinner parties, I like to polish them up a bit so they set a pretty table.

white dishes

I know this post sounds a lot like a commercial, but Bar Keepers Friend didn’t pay me to say nice things. I just really love their product.

And white dishes.


  1. Great tip! I keep Barkeepers friend around too but never thought of it for white dishes! I, too, love white dishes but I have colored dishes for every day use (Fiesta dishes I co-chose with my husband who likes strong blue colors). I have simple whites for guests and whenever we need extra. Love ’em! 🙂

  2. Mary Ann Johnson says:

    Your white dishes look like the ones I have been searching for. The have a pattern around the rim that looks sort of antiqued. Would you please tell me the name of yours and where you purchased them Thanks so much.

      1. So glad you put how to get scratched off white plates.I used to have same set.Sent them to goodwill.We are buying a lake house,so now I am excited to order the plates.
        I am ordering thrones you posted.I love those.

  3. I know I’m late to the party but the other thing I’ve used is simply, silver polish. Works like a charm and I already have it for my Nana’s silver which comes out for the holidays.

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