greige /grāZH/ (plural greiges)

1. Blend of grey and beige  2. A color between grey and beige, closely akin to taupe. 3. Blend of gray and beige, perhaps influenced by French grège ‘raw (silk)’.

However you want to define it, I can’t get enough of greige. It may be one of my favorite colors. Is that weird to say?

That’s especially true for decorating, since I’m in my neutral stage and expect to be here a while.

So imagine my happiess to come home last week from an estate sale that I almost didn’t go to with what felt like a whole haul of greige.


Two greige pillows with greige embellishments (greige on greige!).


A wooden lamp.

lamp base closeup

A concrete planter.


And a basket to carry it all in. (Well, not the concrete planter. I needed help with that.)


The basket is headed for our master bedroom closet to hold sheets and pillowcases. I currently have exactly three sheet sets. One light blue, one white, and one, well, I’ll bet you can guess.

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  1. I too love that coloring. You found some fabulous goodies- love that planter- I’m a big lover of outdoor flowers in the summertime!! My kind of happiness!

    1. Same here, Liz. Can’t wait to plant something in it but it snowed here again today!

  2. Robin Frank says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog and it is just lovely ! Will pass along to my friends and customers . I have a shop in Leavenworth , Ks and love all things for home . Keep it coming !!! And ENJOY !!!!

    1. Thank you, Robin. So nice to hear from someone nearby. What is your shop?

    2. Robin,
      What shop? I am from Leavenworth as well!

      Julie- I love that you post your estate sale finds! any chance you could share with us the prices for the items? I would love to get an idea of what kind of pricing they have for the Kansas City estate sales.

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