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These are the times that try men’s souls. Or Tom’s soul anyway.

We’ve been slowly (cause that’s how we do things around here) changing the shiny brass door hardware throughout the house to brushed nickel. But when choosing hardware for the doors in the dining room, I felt like it needed to be aged bronze, because we have so much of that on the patio.

dining room doors

So I went with the bronze and I loved it. Like I want to use this all throughout the house loved it.

After living with the (now three) different finishes for a while, I gently suggested to Tom that I wanted to switch hardware horses midstream.

I gave him some time to work through the stages of grief; luckily the anger stage was more like irritation, and we skipped right over bargaining and depression to acceptance. In fact he realized that he preferred the bronze too, and this week a box full of it arrived on our porch, thanks to the magic that is Lowe’s, American Express, and UPS.


While all that was going on I ran across an estate sale ad that looked interesting enough to pull me out of estate sale retirement. Apparently the rest of Kansas City thought it looked good too: I was number ten or so in line, and by the time the doors opened, there were easily 50 to 75 people behind me.

They let us all inside at once and people fanned out in all directions. It was equal parts festive and chaotic, and things were going fast.

dining room prints

estate sale prints

I bought these little prints, which are what I came for, but decided not to pick up anything else. That was partly due to my desire to simplify, partly because the prices were on the high side, and partly to just get the heck out of there.

Dining room

Crowded estate sales are not for the faint of heart.

Oh, and I discovered via Facebook a new-to-me home décor consignment store that looks especially promising. I’m using my dining room table as a staging area for things that no longer spark joy (more on that phrase soon) and then I’m planning a trip to check out the store and see if they want any of my stuff.


What’s going on in your dining room? Probably normal things, like eating.


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  1. We changed out all of our hardware when we re-did the first level last year. It can get pretty expensive! We still need to change out the hinges, but the gold is so dingy, it almost looks like the silver….
    LOVE the idea of simplicity, and this summer I am going to embrace minimalism both in home furnishings and clothing. (Now if I only could LOSE some weight, so I can have the PERFECT clothes…) Might be changing my blog to reflect that as well.
    Ready to be an empty nester too? 🙂

    1. “the gold is so dingy, it almost looks like the silver….” <-- Love this, Sharon. Also love that you're embracing simplicity. I look forward to seeing what that looks like for you.

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