How to Make a Framed Chalkboard

chalkboard titleI love the possibilities of an empty frame.

And even though chalkboards and chalk dust kind of give me the heebie jeebies (is anyone else like that?) I wanted a framed chalkboard for my dining room.

I started by picking this frame out at Michael’s.

diy chalkboard frameAnd I used Krylon’s chalkboard spray paint to create the board. I chose black, but it also comes in green.

chalkboard spray paintYou can use chalkboard spray paint on just about any surface.

Since I didn’t have anything in just the right size laying around, I picked up a poster frame set like this one, that included a piece of plastic in just the right size to make the chalkboard. It also had the backing I could use to hang it once I was done.

diy framed chalkboardThe process from there was so easy. Here’s what you do:

Start by spraying the material you’re using as the chalkboard with the chalkboard paint. I used several coats, allowing each to dry before doing the next one.

chalkboard diy spray paintThen let it sit for about 24 hours, until it’s completely dry.

After that you’ll need to “season” the chalkboard by covering the whole thing in chalk, and then erasing it.

seasoning diy framed chalkboard

(Note:  You’ll need chalk made of calcium carbonate to use on this paint. There are actually different kinds of chalk made from different materials…who knew? If you’re not sure, just make sure not to choose kids’ non-toxic chalk.)

Now you’re ready to pop your chalkboard into the frame and use the clips, etc. that came with the frame kit to keep it in place.

If you didn’t use a frame kit, you can do something lovely with duct tape, like I did with this memo board. So pretty!

Then just hang and start having fun.

With menus…

chalkboard menu

And quotes…

chalkboard quote

chalboard summer quote

chalkboard september quoteAnd toasts…

chalboard toastYou can celebrate special occasions…

Chalkboard Happy Father's DayOr just the everyday…

Chalkboard Bon AppetitIf you’re looking for chalkboard ideas, I’ve started a Pinterest board on chalkboard art & ideas. You can see it here.

Do you like trend in chalkboard decorating? And do chalkboards kind of give you the shivers too or am I just nuts?

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