Ingredients For A Soulful House Part 2: Art

By far the most popular post on this blog (thank you Pinterest) is What Gives a House Soul? In it, I talk about those things that take a house beyond decorating and inject it with life. To me, those things are books, art, photos, living things, and putting everyday items on display.

Because it’s such a popular post (and one of my favorite topics too) I thought it would be interesting to do a series of follow-ups where we could look at each of those things more closely.

We started by talking about books and how they can bring life to a home and in this, part two, let’s look at art, with a focus on artwork on walls.

Source Unknown

Art can be just about anything you want it to be, from an original piece you bought at an auction to a drawing your child brought home from school. I use those examples intentionally because I have both in my home.

Country Home Magazine

You’ll notice that many of these examples are either oversized pieces or gallery walls. That’s intentional too. Art is a great opportunity to add a lot of impact to your decor and it’s also something that’s easily changed, so I say when in doubt, go big and go bold!

Here are some more inspiration photos I’ve saved…

Source Unknown
Source Unknown
Atlanta Decorator Show House
Atlanta Decorator Show House

P.S. What gives a house soul and more soulful spaces.

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  1. These photos are great. For some reason, I am in love with the painting of Abe. Have a great weekend, Julie!

  2. You’ve shown some great ideas here. Over the last couple of years I’ve found a few pieces of art at a charity thrift store. Who knew? I do enjoy these posts! 😉

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