Introducing Creating This Life Weekly

Hello friend! I’m popping in today to give you a little update on some changes happening at Creating This Life.

The short version is this: the Friday blog post, formerly Links for Your Weekend has been expanded and has a new name: CTL Weekly. If you’re already subscribed, you will stay subscribed (and if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do that here.) The first CTL Weekly will go out tomorrow!

That’s the Cliff Note’s version but If you’re interested in a bit more detail, please read on…

how is CTL Weekly different?

You can think of CTL Weekly as more of a newsletter than a blog post. A weekly note from me.

It will contain all of the things that Links for Your Weekend did, including a featured house tour each week and links to interesting and inspiring things I’ve found around the web. But, in addition, you’ll see some personal things included, like life updates (a big one tomorrow!) and roundups of things I’m loving. Those had been standalone blog posts before but will now be part of CTL Weekly.

Anything too in-depth, a trip report, for example, will be posted on the website and I’ll link to it from CTL Weekly so you’ll know it’s there.

Speaking of…

What about the website? isn’t going anywhere, and in fact, my goal in 2024 is to add more to the website and make it more streamlined so it will be a great resource for you.

If you haven’t been to the website in a while, here’s what you’ll find there:

All of the CTL Weekly newsletters will also live on so you can access them at any time.

I hope you’ll enjoy these changes. I don’t think you’ll notice a huge difference as a reader, but hopefully, everything will be just a little bit better. 🙂

Finally, thank you so much for being a reader and follower. I appreciate you!


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  1. Thanks, Julie! It all sounds like wonderful ideas! Looking forward to it!

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