James Farmer

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well.

Things have been a bit rough here this week. Just life stuff…a friend I’m worried about, a nagging health issue (nothing serious), etc. I tell you that only because things can seem so perfect in blog and Instagram land that I wanted you to know that if you’re going through a rough patch or if your week has been less than ideal, you are not alone.

Either way, we can all use a little beauty in our lives so I’m popping in to share some beautiful images from my favorite designer, James Farmer. James’ interiors are so warm and classic..I love anything he does.

P.S. If you enjoyed these pictures, you can find James on Instagram here. Also, his book A Place to Call Home: Timeless Southern Charm is stunning. One of my favorites. (Note: This is an affiliate link. You can read more about that here.)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about rough wells. Some days just offer more challenges. Hope life gets a little si plier in the days ahead. I too love James Farmer. His style is so appealing, such a comfortable high/low miss, plus he just seems like a sweet, southern guy (I follow his Instagram!) .

    1. Thanks for your nice words, Janet. I completely agree with you about James. Seems like the sweetest guy.

  2. I love everything James does! Plus he’s an Auburn grad and we’re all Auburn fans! If I ever hit the lottery I would hire him to decorate my entire home.
    I did decorate my son’s old room based on one of his designs. a room he decorated where he envisioned a married son coming to visit his parents home….it was perfect for my married son and it turned out very nice (if I do say so myself – LOL)
    Hope your week is going better by the time you see this comment.

    1. Yes, he’s a proud Auburn grad, isn’t he, Judy? And I’ve had the same thought as you…if I hit the lottery (which I don’t play so that’s not likely lol) I’d hire Gil Schafer to design my home and James to decorate it. Your son’s old room sounds wonderful! I love that you used one of James’ rooms as inspiration…so smart!

  3. I’m a big fan of James Farmer! I love these pics! Hope things get straightened out and you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Julie.

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