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Kansas City Garden Tour

KC Garden Tour

Tom and I have discovered garden tours. Well, I have discovered them and he’s happy to go along.

We went on our first tour a couple of weeks ago, and it was interesting and the gardens were impressive, but not quite our taste.

Yesterday, however, we went on the Wornall/Majors Kansas City Garden Tour and had the best time. The weather was perfect (low 80’s, sunny, breezy) and the gardens were stunning, so I wanted to share.


The first couple of gardens weren’t homes that people lived in, but other interesting venues, like this fire station.

kansas city garden tour 23

It’s the studio of sculptor Tom Corbin and the side courtyard has been turned into a sculpture garden.

kansas city garden tour 6

kansas city garden tour 2

All of the green in this garden is very serene, and then there are little pops of red in the flowers, chairs, and doors of the building.

kansas city garden tour 22

This sculpture of a man on a diving board was delightful! See the rubber duckie in the corner of the pool? The fountain caused it to float around the pool. So fun.

kansas city garden tour 21

Our next stop was Oak Street Mansion, a home that has been turned into a bed and breakfast and art gallery, appropriate since it’s so close to the Nelson-Atkins Museum and the Kansas City Art Institute.

kansas city garden tour 3

I’m sorry I didn’t some away with more pictures of the grounds here. This was Tom’s favorite stop.

kansas city garden tour 4

kansas city garden tour 5

Two of the stops on the tour were in the Crestwood neighborhood of Kansas City. I couldn’t pass up a picture of this street as we walked between the two homes.

kansas city garden tour 24

The first house had a brick wall that enclosed the front yard. This shot below with the table and sculpture of garden tools is what you see from the street.

kansas city garden tour 14

And this is the side entrance to the front yard.

kansas city garden tour 1

Both the front and back yards of this house have a very secluded and private feel. These next few shots are from the front garden.

kansas city garden tour 16

kansas city garden tour 17

kansas city garden tour 18

And these are some shots of the back yard. I loved everything about this section of the garden: the hydrangeas, boxwood, cherub statue, and urn.

kansas city garden tour 7

kansas city garden tour 8

kansas city garden tour 9

kansas city garden tour 19

The second Crestwood house was more understated.

kansas city garden tour 13

Again, I wish I had taken more pictures of this garden, but I did get one of this wonderful shed.

kansas city garden tour 15

And this light with the table of topiaries in clay pots – I loved this little scene.

kansas city garden tour 20

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my favorite stop on the tour. Have you been on garden tours in your area?



  1. Hi Julie — What fun! I like them all for for different reasons, but I am always impressed with his various gardeners work hardscape, as in sculptures, sone, benches, etc., into their gardens. I look forward to the next “installment” of your tour!

    1. I love that stuff too, Janet.

  2. Yarlette Gebarowski says:

    I will be looking forward to seeing your favorite one on the garden tour. I love garden tours. You can get some of the best ideas for your own gardens that way . My husband is great about coming with me to home tours and antique shops. He even helps me look for certain things that I am interested in.. Better than sitting home in front of the TV , don’t you agree?

    1. I do agree, Yarlette. 🙂

  3. Hi Julie,
    I thought you would be among the bargain hunters at Nell Hills Briarcliff tent sale on Saturday morning, but the garden tour looks more impressive. I go on the JoCo Master Gardner tour, but it is always hit and miss on what I like. There was only one home’s garden I fell in love with, in the Oak Park subdivision. But the Majors/Wornall tour looks so much better. Of course, I saw it advertised in the paper; maybe next year I’ll go to that one. The Master Gardner’s is ever other year. Your pictures are lovely. Again, Kansas City certainly has some lovely neighborhoods, don’t we! Keep the pictures coming! Happy Summer. Nancee

    1. Nancee, I don’t have the courage to brave the NH tent sale. Maybe some day. We took the JoCo Master Gardener Tour also, but enjoyed this one much more.

  4. I LOVE a garden tour and so does my Mister. My favorite pic is the sculpture of the rubber duckie around the guy’s middle.. Hope you have a great week, dear Julie.

    1. Aren’t we lucky to have guys that enjoy a good garden tour, Katie? Although Tom did take a little ribbing from his buddies.

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