Late Summer Patio

patio table decor

patio window view

I spent some time last weekend sprucing up the patio, which had been showing lots of signs of late summer neglect. My motivation was Monday night’s book club, which we had to move indoors anyway because of high temps and humidity. But I’m loving the freshened up patio, even if I’m mostly looking at it from my kitchen window (it’s still really hot).

late summer patio table

I added some new some new red begonias, a new white candle, and an estate sale green glass ball to the basket on the table. I think the glass ball is a reproduction fisherman’s float, which Joan taught me about.

boxwood planter

As a lazy gardener, boxwoods in pots have become my best friends. They bring a little green to the patio, which I love, but are very low maintenance and forgiving of my poor watering habits.

Concrete patio planters

The two little pots with lavender in them were also recent estate sale purchases. I especially love this concrete one.

late summer patio

And Costco came through with some mums on steroids. I usually choose yellow mums because they were Tom’s grandma’s favorites. You can’t believe what a character she was. She’d order a birthday corsage for herself each October and then wear it the entire week of her birthday. Yellow mums are my little wink and nod to her.

Early September Patio

potted yellow mums

patio view

And here’s a pic of those book club ladies I told you about. Wonderful women. Every single one.

book club

This was a rare occassion when all twelve of us were together so we documented it with a picture. Notice the carefully styled table. I wanted to at least clear away some of the empty dishes and beer bottles but Shellie said, “No! Let them stay! This is what book club looks like.” She’s so right. I’m glad they’re there.

Happy late summer to you!


  1. Beautiful yard and patio! I miss my Texas book club. Looks like you have a great time together. Have a great week.

  2. Your patio and backyard are gorgeous! Book club looks like fun! 😉

    1. We do have fun, Donnamae. And boy are we LOUD!

  3. It looks marvelous…can’t wait to put in some mums.

    1. Thank you, Beemie. The mums in these pictures are starting to open up. Can’t wait.

  4. It’s all lovely, Julie…especially those smiling faces!

    You have some really nice pots. You mentioned estate sales, but do you happen to know of a good online source? ~Jillian

    1. Jillian, I’m sorry, I don’t. Wish I did! If I run across one I’ll try to remember to report back.

  5. What a fun looking book club! And hey . . . I’m with you on needing low-watering plants. It’s a wonder I ever remembered to feed my own children! Your porch looks lovely.

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