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Hi and happy Friday! What’s been going on with you lately? Here’s some of what’s been keeping me busy, with an emphasis on the fun stuff. I had dinner with two of my best high…

Hi and happy Friday! What’s been going on with you lately? Here’s some of what’s been keeping me busy, with an emphasis on the fun stuff.

I had dinner with two of my best high school friends last night. Four hours of catching up, telling stories, laughing…we had to leave when the restaurant’s lights came on. We ate at the Bristol because it’s always good and because one of us loves the espresso martinis there and another (me!) the creme brulee.

We have been in wedding shower hosting mode lately. In the last two months, I/we have helped host three showers (one bridal, two couples) and gone to a fourth. My friends and I have it down to a science now. Hosting a shower? Ask me anything! lol

Last weekend we went down to the lake for the first time since New Year’s. It was kind of a relief to open the door and see that everything was good there. Lindsey and Morgan (and Milo) met us down there and we binged on basketball games all weekend. Do you watch the tournament? It’s been the craziest year! Our Jayhawks are still alive though (at least through tonight).

Everyone’s been telling us to watch Ted Lasso and everyone was right…it’s so good! We’re about 3/4 of the way through the first season and my thoughts are: I’m a little afraid of Rebecca, I’m pulling for a certain couple, and Coach Beard may be my favorite character (Tom agrees). We’re also loving all the KC references that Jason Sudekis works in.

A couple of Fridays ago I went with Grant to check out apartments in KC. He’s in grad school at KU and has been living in Lawrence, but will be moving back to KC this summer. He wants to live in the city so we checked out places from the River Market to Quality Hill to the Crossroads (our favorite). It was so fun (and a little exhausting). Between appointments, we grabbed lunch at The Rockhill Grille, and then Tom and Lindsey met us for drinks later at the Crossroads Hotel. Tom and I are kind of intrigued by the idea of downsizing to a place in the city so this gave us lots to talk about. (No immediate plans though!)

I’m adding some standing dates to the calendar in order to make getting together with friends and family easier. My family is trying out a Second Sundays family dinner on, obviously, the second Sunday of the month, and a group of girlfriends is shooting for a Third Thursdays lunch. We’re hoping having a standing date makes the “when are you free?” part unnecessary. Have you ever done anything like this? How did it work out?

P.S. So we bought a lake place and hello Spring.

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  1. Kris Maynard says:

    I will be hosting my first bridal shower this year! My oldest got engaged in October 21 and is getting married Dec 3, 22! I haven’t been to a bridal shower in years and won’t be getting much help. I’d LOVE some tips/fun ideas!!

    1. Congratulations, Kris! You are in for so much fun. I’ll try to pull together a shower post.

  2. Hi July,

    Loved your update! We travel to KC often and I love it when you share places to eat and shop. Always make it a point to check them out and – thanks to you – made many pleasant discoveries! Have to try that Bristol grill next time.

    Hope you will post info when/if you will be hunting for a place in the city!

    1. I am so happy to hear that Iya! There’s a Bristol downtown in the Power and Light area and another one out south at Leawood’s Town Center (great shopping there too!).

  3. When I meet up with a friend, we normally schedule the next get together before we leave. We both know the date/time can be changed.

    I love crème brûlée! The picture looks wonderful!

    1. That is a great idea, Shannon. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Julie,
    This is way to long to get into but my answer is yes to setting a standard date. My friends and I had been meeting once a month until covid. We started in April 1982, yes I said 1982. We had such a great working relationship that when our jobs headed in different paths we decided to meet once a month. We had a name for our group, started meeting for dinner after work and eventually ended up having lunch when we had retired. We are all hoping to get back together soon. Setting a specific date is the way our wonderful little group of friends stayed together so long. We meet for 38 years and it was great. Hope you and your friends can set a specific time. Good Luck.

    1. Brenda, this is wonderful! I hope you can start this tradition up again soon.

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